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My Favourite Blogs At The Moment

I’ve enjoyed blogging as a hobby for a good several years now, and it’s wonderful to see how blogging has become such a well respected social platform.

There are so many lucky (and hard working) bloggers that are doing fantastically, so much so, that blogging is their sole job! Lucky beggars…

Since the blogger circuit has boomed in the last couple of years, I have so many options of blogs to follow via the likes of Twitter and Instagram. Not only do they entertain me, but they inspire me too.

So here is a selection of blogs that I am currently obsessed with, that you may find an obsession with too…

Fashion – Champagne &

Not only does fashion blogger, Emily Herron, have a killer Instagram full of flawless pictures of her wearing my dream wardrobe, but her website is equally as glamorous.

It is easy to navigate, stylishly designed, and I can easily find out where she shopped her gorgeous outfits – and they’re from normal stores, not designers!

My style crush of the moment.


Inspiration – Little Miss

I met Katy English once whilst I was living in London and writing theatre reviews on this-here-blog. We were both invited to watch Forbidden Broadway and write reviews on it, so I met her and a couple of other bloggers in the bar beforehand.

Since then, I have followed her blog and watched it grow from strength to strength, cementing herself a place among some of London’s best bloggers. (She won the Best Lifestyle Blog and the Best Use of Social Media award at the Blogger’s Blog Awards very recently – get it girl!)

Her blog comprises of a variety of reviews and musings, which keep it fresh, and I swear she seems to have new posts nearly every day. This is a girl who clearly works hard for her success and deservedly so!


Health & Fitness – Clean Eating Alice

Whilst her blog is more of an Instagram blog, it is useful nonetheless, and I’ve been obsessed with it for a while now.

Alice Liveing is a fellow Musical Theatre performer in London, who started an Instagram blog to track her progress into her new healthy lifestyle, and in so doing, has become a fitness star.

I was copying her meal recipes on Instagram long before her cookbook came out (and obviously I had that pre-ordered…). Not only does she post pictures and recipes of delicious, nutritious food, but she also posts HIIT workouts that are great to spice up your gym routine. She also posts plenty of selfies that give me such ‘ab envy’ that sometimes it can make me shift my butt from the sofa. Sometimes…


Cutest Photographs – O’Brien &

This adorable couple were in the year below me at drama school, and they, since graduating, have married and embarked on a picture perfect life together in Ireland.

Their pictures are all pastel-perfect, and their images and blog posts radiate with the glow of young love. They make me believe in true love, and at the same time curse the fact that I will probably never find someone as crazy about me as they are about each other.


So there’s my line up of my current favourite blogs!

I’m loving discovering new blogs at the moment, so if you have any suggestions of great blogs to follow, let me know πŸ™‚



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