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If, like me, you long to be able to afford to spend money on numerous beauty treatments to keep you looking fabulous all year round, yet struggle to pull the cash together for your weekly food shop, then take a leaf out of this blog post and maybe it won’t seem so unmanageable after all…

1) Girls nationwide love their gel nails at the moment, especially with the summer upon us and a need for manicured nails lasting the duration of our holidays in demand. They make your nails look shiny, pretty, and instantly make you feel fabulous!

However, at £20 a pop, unless you earn a good wage, it is expensive to have them topped up every two weeks.

If you want to keep the look and feel of gel nails for a fraction of the price then get down to Superdrug and pick up a colour from the ‘Barry M Gelly Hi Shine’ polish range. As long as you have a steady hand, they look the same as professional gel nails with a glossy shine and a hard consistency. At £3.99 a bottle you can keep your hands looking fabulous and be able to afford to mix up your colours whenever you want.

DSCN4027 2) We all want a designer handbag adorning our arm. It makes us feel glamorous, confident and deceivingly wealthy.

The only problem is the reality of having a designer handbag is that you have lived off bread and butter for about half a year to pay for it. (In fact, not even butter, just bread.)

Plus, you will likely love and protect your new handbag like a child for a few months before it will get scratched, a buckle will fall off and it will soon be cast on the backseat of your car like an old jumper. By next year you will be lusting after the next ‘it’ bag.

It is possible to feel the confidence that a new tote brings with a smaller budget, and, more often than not, you can find bags that look pretty much identical to designer bags, just without the designer branding.

Check out this Michael Korrs handbag for $169.99 and its practical double from Accessorize at £9.60 in the sale.


Accessorize has gorgeous handbags in all year round, with more reasonable price tags. They are stylishly designed and last you as long as you need before you want to move onto the next one that catches your eye. Just think, for the same price as one Mulberry handbag, you could buy a handbag to match every outfit in your wardrobe…

3) Swap a spray tan for £15, which will last you a week, for a bottle of ‘L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze’. Available from Superdrug stores for approximately £10, you only have to apply it three days in a row for a flawless tan that will last you up to 2 weeks.

This tanning lotion has been the best tanning product I’ve tried and since using it, I have managed to convert several friends and my mum (!) to using this.

It goes on like a gel, develops evenly and doesn’t leave you orange; a winning formula.


4) Going on holiday and want a leg wax before you don your bikini? Instead of hitting a salon and dishing out £25, get your best girlfriend over, involve wine and do it yourselves.

Waxing each other’s legs with professional strips bought from Boots (and the like) will cost you a quarter of the price, it’s easy to do and will be a great laugh!

Under no circumstances try to do your own bikini wax! It’s worth forking out the salon price for that to be done properly…


5) Feel like your make up is in a rut? All it can take is a new eyeliner or lipstick to make it feel fresh again.

The MUA make-up range, available in Superdrug stores, is a life saver when it comes to ridiculously cheap, good make up. With lipsticks for a mere £1 and with 16 shades to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice.


6) If you are lucky enough to have a Poundland store in your area, then you are fortunate to have a celebrity personal trainer on your doorstep. Well, not literally, but you can buy Tracy Anderson’s (personal trainer to the stars) workout DVD.

For a mere £1 you can work out in the comfort of your own home, whenever you like, instead of paying for a gym membership or classes. The mix of cardio and toning will help you shape up in all the right ways and you’ll soon have a body to rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s.


7) If you’re longing for a new phone but your contract renewal and upgrade doesn’t occur for another year, a sneaky trick to make your phone feel fresh is a new case.

It may sound trivial, but a new case can transform the look of your phone and change the feel of it in your hand, making it feel like you’re using a brand new device. Just look past the fact you still have a giant crack down the middle…

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