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When Life Is Pretty Darn Good

Life has felt pretty good lately; which makes a nice change when, as a Nation, we quite like to complain.

I count myself very lucky – I have a loving family, great friends, good health, and I love my job. There is nothing that makes me significantly unhappy.

Everything finally feels settled in my life, for the first time in a while… so obviously I would decide to shake it all up again by jetting off to do another contract out at sea.

Around this time last year, I made it a goal of mine to be more optimistic about life; to help me appreciate and embrace everything that comes my way. I’ve found that by adopting an optimistic outlook on life, I consistently feel more content and happy.

Here are some moments I’ve had where I’ve felt overcome with emotion for how wonderful life can be.

1. Flying through the sky on a zip wire, seeing the trees whizz by, and witnessing incredible views of the forest from up above the tree tops. I felt like I was flying and it was incredible.

2. Seeing my best friend looking beautiful, and very happy, at her engagement party.


3. Moments where my dogs are sat on on my knee and my heart swells. I think it’s incredible how two totally separate species can love and depend on each other, without being able to fully communicate.

4. When my Grandad tells me stories about my Grandma, and it’s clear that he loves her to this day.

5. When my mum’s Victoria Sponge Cake is on point. The sponge is delicate, the perfect amount of cream to jam ratio…just spot on!

6. Looking out at the beautiful sunset over the sea and appreciating how magnificent our world really is.

7. That moment, mid-song, when I realised I had just achieved what I have dreamt of since being a little girl.


8. When you watch your friend achieving their dream that they’ve worked so hard for – and absolutely smash it!

9. Watching the kids you teach perform in their final show. Seeing them excel and clearly enjoy what they’re doing is special, especially when you see shyer kids come out of their shell while on stage. I can now see why parents get emotional seeing their children do things.

10. When your friend secretly leaves you your favourite chocolate bars to find when you’re far away from home and going through a rough time. People really are great!


There are so many things that are worth appreciating in day-to-day life. We spend so much time waiting for something spectacular to happen; always reaching towards a goal ‘that will make us happy’, that we forget to bask in the small, singular moments that make life matter.

Every day matters. Every day is a blessing. Let’s never forget that.



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