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What Am I Waiting For?

My goal in life is to travel to as many places as possible, and experience as many things as I can.

It could be the Sagitarius in me, or the way that our generation thinks, but I think it’s a pretty fair and decent goal!


My grandparents did a lot of travelling in their younger years; I remember thinking they were always going on holiday, as a child. They were sociable and outgoing, and had lots of friends all over the world. Now, they are reduced to remaining sat in their arm-chairs in their living room, barely able to walk, let alone travel or, even, socialise anymore.

It hits home when you see people you love unable to do the things that played a big part in making them who they are. But knowing that they reflect on those years fondly, and made the most of their lives when they were able to do these things, is a comforting notion. At least they’ve lived!

So there is no time for tip-toeing around, and not embracing life and opportunities, while you have them.


As a stranger once said to me: “What are you waiting for?

And it’s a good question. What am I waiting for?

We plan our lives and put limitations on ourselves, just in case something may or may not happen in the future. Especially as an actor; you are constantly flaky on plans and unable to book holidays far in advance, because you may get an audition through, or get a job suddenly, that means you can’t commit.

But all we can do is live in the now.

There is ‘no day but today‘, as they say in RENT.


So when I get off this ship in May, and contemplate the next step I take in my life and career, I think it will be the perfect time to take a break and tick off one of the many places I’d like to visit.

Where it will be…I’m not sure yet.

But Australia, New Zealand, American road trip, and a tour of the places in Europe I haven’t been to yet, are floating around my mind.

If anyone has any suggestions of amazing places in the world that I should visit, please leave a comment to give me inspiration as I begin my planning!

Photo Credit: Emily Croft aka. My LittleΒ Mom





  • Evangelina07

    Nice places to visit? My goodness, the list is long.

    Paris is beautiful, Rome is considered Paris’s little sister, it is so picturesque and romantic, or visit Venice. There is no city like it.

    Iceland has stunning scenery, the english countryside looks like a painting and Croatia is gorgeous in the summer.

    I am not sure where to start. I have been to 74 countries and loved all of them.

    Go and travel if you can, it is so enriching!

    If you need a little inspiration, you can take a look at my travel photography blog

    Go and travel. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

  • artsycrystal

    Nice places I have also travelled to many places. I am also a Sagittarius.

  • Ciara

    Loved the post. There’s so many places I want to travel to. Definitely going to try and do more over the next few years. I think my top two places to go at the moment are Iceland and Italy!

  • I totally relate to wanting to travel. I think it’s an age thing. I ask myself what I’m waiting for too, and right now I think my excuse is school. I’m graduating in May, so I won’t have an excuse anymore. Why not visit places I’ve never been? Why not experience new cultures and different ways of life? The day-to-day will be waiting for me when I get back. One of the first places I want to visit is Iceland. You should look into it!

    Breanna Catharina

  • keepingupwithMJ

    So dope! I have similar goals, I too would love to travel the world in the future! Great post, very inspiring. I love the photos too!

  • Single Vegas Girl

    I love to travel a lot so I make do with the time and money I have no to get all my traveling in. I’ve seen my own grandparents who don’t travel as much or who are uninterested in it that are now unable to do any sort of traveling and I don’t want to be like that! So I’m getting it all in now. If you get a chance to go to Thailand do it! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  • Elisha

    Thanks for the advice Evangelina!
    I’ve already been to Paris numerous times, and Rome and Iceland, but I’ve never been to Venice so I’d love to go there!

    I’ll have to check out your blog for more inspiration! πŸ™‚

  • Elisha

    Both Iceland and Italy are beautiful in totally separate ways! Iceland definitely tops the list for me though πŸ™‚

  • Elisha

    Thanks Breanna! Iceland is wonderful – I’ve already been, but definitely will head back there some day to see more places!

  • Elisha

    Thanks MJ πŸ™‚

  • Evangelina07

    I think you would love Venice. It is one of the most romantic and picturesque cities I have ever been to. Very walkable too. And oh so photogenic. If you liked Rome, you are going to like Venice.

  • Elisha

    Thanks Single Vegas Girl πŸ™‚ I went to Thailand last year and loved it – I’d love to go back and explore more areas of it one day!

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