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The Best Dresses To Make An Impact When You’re A Wedding Guest

All of my friends are getting engaged and I’m constantly looking forward to the prospect of a day soaking up all the love in the room… and soaking up as much prosecco as humanly possible!

Attending weddings used to be pretty much the only time you would see me in a dress. I was a solid playsuit and jeans girl, until the last year when I discovered that it is actually fun to get dressed up and girly even on a regular day. Instead of waiting for the special occasions to come around, I have started enjoying wearing gorgeous dresses just for the hell of it!

But if you’re like I used to be, where you never know what to wear as a wedding guest, here is a short list of my recommendations of some dresses you could wear. After all, we all have those moments when we cry, “I have nothing to wear!”

Time to pretend to be a wedding guest…

Who said you can’t wear black to a wedding?

Whoever said that black was only for funerals is a bore. Black is one of those colours that looks good on ANYONE. Making it cheerful for a wedding is all about just getting the style right.

This beautiful dress from ANGELEYE fashion is perfect for wedding guest attire because of its gorgeous lacey pattern. It is delicate and feminine whilst being edgy and sassy. It’s the perfect dress to wear to a wedding if you’re looking to find your future husband…

This black lace body con tie back dress was £58 but is now only £40 on the ANGELEYE website.

Oh, did I mention it has a super cute tie back, too?

Feel like a princess even when it’s not your wedding…

If you’re looking to be a showstopper, even though it’s not your wedding, then look no further than the beautiful dresses at Loula’s Boutique. These handmade, unique dresses are made by Northern designer Lindsey ‘Loula’, so you certainly won’t be running the risk of turning up to a wedding in the same outfit as someone else.

I love this pink Hailey dress because it gives me serious Rapunzel vibes! I feel so girly and cute and it’s so floaty and gorgeous that I feel like a princess.

The Hailey dress is meant to be worn off-the-shoulder but I missed the memo – I bet it’s even more gorgeous slinking off the shoulder!

Use the discount code ELISHABLOGS20 for 20% off at Loula’s Boutique. Avoid fast fashion and shop from local designers and clothing makers. There are so many unique, beautiful crafted dresses and outfits over at Loula’s Boutique that you will treasure!

The Harriet dress at Loula’s Boutique costs £70.00… however, it’s only £56 with the 20% discount code ELISHABLOGS20!

Keep it budget-friendly – you’re only a wedding guest!

So, obviously we all want to shop independently but sometimes you have a despairingly small amount of money in your bank account and you can feel the pressure to look nice and wear something new to special occasions. Step forward, Primark!

I’ve been impressed by the clothes that have been in Primark recently; they’ve really stepped up their game. They have had some gorgeous dresses in recently to dress us for the summer and they are perfect for dressing up for a wedding on a budget. Just don’t expect them to last too long after the event…

This effortless, leopard print dress was a whopping £8!

If you avoid dresses like the plague, go for a playsuit!

These bad boys are my best friends. Jumpsuits are forever plaguing my existence due to the fact that I have a long upper body and shorter legs (no jumpsuits ever fit me nicely!). But playsuits are the way to go!

Nobody said there’s a rule that you have to wear a dress to a wedding, but there is the unspoken rule that you have to look cute. This playsuit from New Look is cheap and cheerful and is a perfectly summery combination of comfy and fancy.

This pale blue playsuit is just £25 in New Look.

The best part about dressing up for a wedding is you get the opportunity to wear something that on other days of the year you may not have the confidence to try out. Anything goes at a wedding – nobody is really looking at you anyway!

Team your dress/playsuit with a standout pair of heels to make your fancy outfit more fun than frumpy.

The most important thing to remember when you are invited to a wedding is that you have been fortunate enough to be loved enough to be invited to join the happy couple in their celebrations. So don’t freak out about not having anything to wear – the bride and groom will be thrilled to see you there, regardless of how gorgeous your outfit is.

So, now tell me… who has ever dared to wear white to a wedding?

This post has been written in collaboration with ANGELEYE fashion promoting their gorgeous wedding guest outfits and with Loula’s Boutique. Photography by Matt McCormick.