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Ways To Make The Most Of Your Week Nights And Stop Only Living For The Weekend

It’s so easy to let the weeks pass in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have gone – it feels like the weekend is always here!

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the weekend, because I REALLY DO. But I’m very aware of how quickly my life is flashing by now. I mean, I’m 26 this year… I never thought I would be this old!

I hate wasting my week days just working and then going home, eating dinner and going to bed. That’s 5 days every week that you are wasting of your life!

So here are some tips on how you can make the week days count and stop only living for the weekend.

Start a hobby

Something I’ve recently got back into is playing netball. I used to play for 4 years when I was younger (and it was the only sport I actually found bareable), but when I started taking drama more seriously, I stopped. I didn’t have the time for it. Well, now I do!

Every Monday night I play for fun in a little local league for a team that I accidentally fell into through mutual friends. It’s been a great way to meet new people, feel a part of a team, get a little extra exercise, and get me out of the house on a Monday night.

The league I’m a part of is:

Google your local area and things like ‘football club, tennis club etc. And I’m sure you’ll find a fun league to join.

Go out for drinks

Going out for dinner or drinks midweek is a great way to split up the week.

Instead of meeting your friend at the weekend, schedule in a night after work to meet up. You can get some great happy hour deals mid-week so make the most of the deals on offer.

My friend and I often meet up for cocktails and food once a month. We love the Happy Hour at ‘The Lost & Found’ in Leeds – 50% off cocktails all night. Umm, yes please!

Have a date night at home

Save some money by staying in, but make your evening a little different.

Pre-plan a nice dinner to cook with your partner, and choose a film to watch IN ADVANCE (you will never choose one if you go on Netflix on the night). Go all out and buy a dessert; treat yo’ self.

Maybe even crack out the massage oils and treat each other to a back massage after a hard day at work. You can make the night stand out from the rest, even at home.

Start your own club

Think book clubs are for old biddies? Think again. Having a little social event once a month to meet up with like-minded people could be exactly what you need.

Get together to discuss a book you have all read – check out the sample book club questions in the back of most novels. Or get together with a bottle of wine and snacks to tell each other about the individual books you have read that month… and then trade them with each other. You’ll all get a new book to read without having to buy a new one, or leave it to collect dust on your shelf.

It doesn’t have to be a book club. You could have a craft night, or do some cupcake decorating or perhaps a jamming night if you love music.

If you’re a fan of musical theatre, you could get your fellow dramatic friends round to do a table read of a musical you all know or a play. Make sure you cast it before hand so that people can practice their stuff though…

Throw a board game night

I love a good board game night. They are a perfect way to socialise, have fun and get some good competitive banter going.

Get some snacks, or order/make a pizza (alcohol is optional), and get a few friends round. You don’t want a lot of people for a games night – make sure you check on the box how many people the game is made for.

Here’s a link to some great games you can order on amazon, or head to your local charity shop for a new game. I got a brand new version of ‘Settlers of Catan’ from Oxfam for £2.99 and it’s £30 on amazon. Just sayin’…


So there’s a few recommendations for how you could spruce up your mid-week nights. Leave me a comment with any of your own ideas or thing you do to keep sane each week!



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