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Wandering Wynwood Walls, Miami

When you visit the same ports all the time it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of visiting the same places you know every time. In my case, this involves yo-yoing in Miami between Lincoln Road and Target.

So today I decided to try somewhere different on my Miami day. Today, myself and my friend Michael, headed over to the Wynwood Walls for an artsy afternoon.


If you’ve read my articles about the Grafitti Alleys in Toronto then you know that I love me some good graffitti. And Wynwood Walls is a specified area of downtown Miami that is adorned with grafitti art pretty much everywhere you go!

The Wynwood Walls exhibit itself is gated off and open only from the hours of 11am til 7pm, but in the surrounding streets you will find plenty of art work on the buildings for your perusal. Along with quirky little clothing stores and bars and cafe’s that sell expensive coffee.



Wynwood Walls is an ‘instagram-perfect’ outdoor exhibit of graffiti art, and other abstract paintings and the like. The main purpose is to really walk around and admire the amazing artwork whilst taking countless selfies in front of them. Myself included…


While I fiddled around with my new camera trying to adjust the lighting to get the best shots possible, the park was filled with countless visitors, private functions, tours and endless amounts of ‘pretty young people’ – we noticed was a trend. Clearly only the hippest Miami youths hang out at Wynwood Walls…

Once we had exhausted the exhibit and wandered around the graffiti strewn streets and parking lots, passing a large, industrial bakery (so named, ‘Bakery’) with the most amazing looking pastries, we headed for burgers and beers at the Wynwood Diner, just across the street from the Wynwood Walls.



On a beautiful spring day, it is only right that we should stuff our faces with spinach dip, BBQ chicken sliders, burgers and fries, and beers in plastic cups. Sat in a patio-style beer garden, at wooden tables, surrounded by plants and overhanging trees, gave me a slice of a feel of home in the British summer. And for $25 each it was not bad pricing – especially compared to all the other restaurants and cafes we came across beforehand! Hanging out in hip areas come with a price.


It’s easy to get complacent when you visit somewhere all the time, or when you live somewhere, so you never do the ‘touristy’ things. But they are worth doing!

With only four more Miami days to go, and only two that I will really have the time to enjoy, it’s time I knuckled down and made the most of my time here.


Maybe next time I’ll actually make my way to South Beach – it’s pretty compulsory when in Miami…



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