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A Tranquil Lunch In St Lucia

Sometimes when your lifestyle involves darting from country to country each day, trying to see every exciting thing there is to do in each place can be exhausting.

Sometimes you just want to have a lazy day where you wake up late and go out for a coffee, or lunch with a friend, instead of waking up at the butt crack of dawn and paying $100 to travel hours to see a waterfall.

As beautiful as that waterfall may be…

So, upon recommendation, I hopped on a $5 ferry from the cruise port and sailed over to a little corner of Castries, St Lucia, where I came across The Coal Pot restaurant. And what a find it was!

With tables set out on a decking that looks out over the river, The Coal Pot boasts a delicious menu of local dishes, with seafood as their clear speciality.
I love me a good solo lunch date, and with my book in hand, looking out over the river (even though it was on-off raining), I had one of the most relaxing, and satisfying, lunches I’ve had in a long time.

The menu is presented on a large chalk board for you to peruse, and there are many delightful dishes to choose from. The salmon drizzled with garlic butter is to die for, especially accompanied by a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and the chocolate cake with ice cream satisfied all my sweet-tooth cravings!

The goats cheese salad was recommended to me by a friend, however I would never have finished 3 courses, and mama needs her dessert! So, priorities…

The restaurant seems to be a firm favourite with the locals, and is a perfect spot for a civilised lunch date. I wouldn’t recommend visiting with children as the menu is aimed at a more mature pallet, and also kids probably wouldn’t appreciate the tranquil ambience. Also the prices are on the more expensive side, so it’s not a cheap visit, but boy, is it worth it!

I don’t come back to St Lucia again now as I begin my gradual journey back over to England, but I’m glad I managed to discover this quaint spot and enjoy it while I had the chance.



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