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Toronto Christmas Market Fun

It’s not truly Christmas season without a good ole Christmas Market!

So what better way to spend our last Sunday in Toronto, than at the Distillery District Christmas Market?


The lights were glistening, the countdown clock was ticking, and the market stalls were abundant with amazing smelling food, warm drinks, and Christmas ornaments. Oh, and it actually snowed!! (Which was great, except for when we’d get stuck in a snow-storm wind tunnel…)

This year is the first year I’m spending Christmas away from home, so it’s important to me to make Christmas as magical as possible. Although, I’m sure that wont be difficult to do, considering I’ll be working on a Disney Cruise ship!


We got up early on Sunday to enjoy the market while the sun was still out. At the weekends you have to buy tickets to attend the market due to capacity levels, (for only $6 though, and this goes to charities). I’m glad we got there early, because on our way out at around 3pm there was a queue to get in to the market, which wouldn’t have been fun in the cold…




There are so many cool pop ups to get fun pictures with, and plenty of free samples from companies to try. There were amazing looking stalls selling fudge, fresh doughnuts, waffles, poutine, soup, and Beavertail-type snacks. But as I have an allergy, so have to be cautious when buying food, I stuck to a warming hot chocolate from Balzachs coffee shop.


It’s only 5 days until we head to warm Miami to board the  Disney Magic, so I actually welcome the last bit of cold, winter weather this week.

Bring on more snow, hot chocolates, and cozy hats while I still can enjoy it! There’s nothing better than the build up to Christmas, so make sure to enjoy it and treasure it every year.


Apparently we are thankful for ‘SNO’…




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