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Cocktails In The Sun | The Ivy Harrogate Garden Terrace

The Ivy Harrogate

It may be only 5 degrees, but at least the sun is out this morning, so QUICK! RUN FOR A BEER GARDEN!

We all got teased with the promise of a nice spring and summer with 27 degree weather last week, but it was washed away by rain as quickly as it appeared. So obviously, on my day off I ran for drinks outside as quickly as I could, and after seeing this picture on Instagram, I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

This is the garden terrace at The Ivy Harrogate and it is like a little garden wonderland. It’s everything you would want in your garden, except for the part where you share it with twenty other people…

I’d never been to The Ivy Harrogate before, nor had I really noticed it. But now it’s impossible to miss it due to the beautiful flowers that adorn the entrance, curtesy of Helen James Flowers in Harrogate. The entrance way is every lifestyle bloggers dream – just good luck trying to take a picture without people gatecrashing!

The Ivy Harrogate

Upon walking into The Ivy, I couldn’t get over how swish it is; it is pretty spectacular. In my camp summer dress (that I stole from my sister) and my trainers and backpack, I felt pretty underdressed. Thank goodness I was going to sit outside where it would be acceptable to look a bit more casual.

My sister and I snagged a corner table, in the direct blazing sun, looking out on the other diners. The small trees were adorned with cherry blossoms and faded mirrors stuck to the green fence left me feeling like I was starring in Alice in Wonderland for a hot second. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet fancy.

Our main focus for this trip was cocktails, and as soon as we see a cocktail that includes Slingsby rhubarb gin, we are sold! Downing Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumbles like they were fruit juice, our cravings were satisfied. I couldn’t tell you what the other cocktails were like because the Crumbles were so good that we didn’t want to try anything else.

The Ivy Harrogate

As a vegetarian I know that my choices on a menu are going to be more limited, but really there was only one main course that was veggie so my mind was already made up for me. Fortunately, I LOVE HALLOUMI. My sister had the truffle chicken burger respectively.

The Ivy Harrogate

The Ivy Harrogate

While the portions weren’t the biggest, the quality was still very nice and, to be honest, I expect that the portions will be smaller in a fancy restaurant. I came for the cocktails and the garden terrace, not for a good feed.

The Ivy Harrogate

Considering we arrived after I finished work, just before 2pm, I was surprised that I was able to get a table on the terrace without booking. The terrace filled up as the afternoon went on, but initially there were quite a few tables to choose from. Maybe because they opened it for the nice weather, not many people knew about it yet.

Well, this little gem, tucked away at the pack of Parliament Street, is a great place to spend sunny afternoons. Next time the sun decides to show its face, I highly recommend hitting up The Ivy Harrogate garden terrace. I’ve never felt so fancy and out of place at the same time. Maybe I won’t wear trainers next time…



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