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The Important Things in Life

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, which is highly shameful since I won the award for ‘Anyone know a good blogging spot?’ at Graduation Ball. I am a sucky blogger.

My excuse? I have not sat still for several months and any time I’ve potentially had the time to blog I have either been in a house in Scotland with no Wifi or left my laptop in Scotland, because I clearly used it so little that I forgot it existed.

But now I have my laptop back and I am on yet another train back down to the big smoke to resume making a life in London!

So, how is the ‘making a life in London’ going… well I am currently sharing a bed with my flatmate in our cute bungalow in Richmond, I’m working part time as a temp Admin Assistant in an office in London, I spend half my week retreating back up North to home comforts and I have done one commercial photo shoot for Ritz crackers and have an exciting voiceover gig coming up, but other than that the acting dream is yet to kick off.
It’s difficult to settle down and imagine my life in London when everything that I love and hold dear is up the other end of the country.

This weekend I returned home to Knaresborough for a very special weekend. On Saturday we celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary with a surprise blessing for them at the church they married in 60 years ago and then had a lovely, big family meal at the Dower House Hotel in a private room. Then, on Sunday, we celebrated the christening of Baby Alfie, my Cousin Sarah’s first child, who also happens to be the first in the next generation of Ainsleys.

Spending the weekend with everyone made me realise how supremely lucky I am to have such a kind, happy, healthy family who support each other and respect each other. It is crazy to see how we have all grown over the years and see how the family dynamics change as new members come in aka. Baby Alfie.

I realised this weekend that at the end of the day, the things that we look at as the special days of our lives all include those we love unconditionally. Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations etc.; all are memories that we share with those we love, celebrating being together and being happy and proud of each other.

Christening your first child with all your family and friends present is a special moment. Reaching 60 years of marriage is an amazing achievement. Looking around the room and seeing all the people who are in your life as a result of you; children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, their partners and friends; that must be a wonderful feeling. At the end of everything, these are the moments that we will look back on and be proudest of and remember fondly.

So I know, no matter whether forging a life in London works out or not, I will not define my life by it. One day I will have a higher purpose and I already know that family come above anything else in the world to me. So as long as I have them, life is perfect.




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