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The Best Brunch Spots in Harrogate

Hi, my name’s Elisha and I’m a brunchaholic. Hiiiiii Elisha.

It’s a serious condition. I’m constantly on the lookout for where I’ll get my next fix of eggs and mimosas. Most of my money is spent on these luxurious meals.

I don’t care about going out for dinner. I want to go out for brunch.

Luckily, there are plenty of people just like me who are obsessed with brunch. Hence, loads of cafes and restaurants have started offering up brunch menus, and the ‘always fun’ – boozy brunch!

In our little spa town of Harrogate, we have loads of great places to eat. So it only seems fitting that we should have plenty of awesome brunch places.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s where to get a good brunch. Here is a list of the best places where, in my opinion, you can get the best brunch in Harrogate. Let me know if you try any of them out!

My recommendations for the best brunch in Harrogate…

best brunch in Harrogate at The Ivy

Instagram: @ivyharrogate

The Ivy

For classy, sophisticated brunch then The Ivy is an obvious choice.

Serving classic brunch dishes in beautiful surroundings, with a bar close to hand, is everything you could possibly want in a brunch spot. You won’t be disappointed.

Handy tip: If it is beautiful weather then ask to sit out on The Terrace to eat. It is stunning when the weather is nice!

best brunch in Harrogate at Hoxton North

Instagram: @hoxtonnorth

Hoxton North

For slightly quirkier brunch concoctions such as haricot beans and chorizo dishes to sweetcorn and courgette fritters, Hoxton North has got you covered. Their menu is ever-changing, and it’s all fresh and delicious.

As well as brunch and great coffee, they serve cakes and have a full bar. So whatever combination you need to get you through the day, they’ve got it.

It is always busy, so be prepared to battle for a table in this small gem at the bottom of Montpellier.

best brunch in Harrogate at The Wild Plum

Instagram: @thewildplumharrogate

The Wild Plum

If you want insta-worthy brunch photos then this is definitely the place to go!

Beautifully decorated classic brunch dishes with a twist. The dishes look so good you probably won’t want to eat them for fear of ruining them… but do eat them, obviously.

The Wild Plum is now open on a Sunday too so you have all weekend to go and indulge!

best brunch in Harrogate at The Brunch Club

Instagram: @harrogatebrunchclub

The Brunch Club

A new addition to the Harrogate scene and a worthy one at that. Everyone dreams of a good ole American breakfast and that is exactly what The Brunch Club provides.

Pancakes, waffles, bagels, fry-ups, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shakes… what more could you possibly want?

The price may be low but the calories aren’t, so make sure you’re ready to do some good old indulging!

best brunch in Harrogate at Revolution de Cuba

Instagram: @decubaharrogate

Revolución de Cuba

Two of the best things in life are brunch and Cuban food… so what could be better than combining the two?

Whilst Revolución de Cuba is a chain restaurant and I don’t usually like to include them in local lists, it is still a local business adding value to the town, so ‘yayy Revs de Cuba‘!

Plus, it’s not too pricey, does good food in a cool setting, and does boozy brunch – winner!

best brunch in Harrogate at Starling

Instagram: @starlinghgte

Starling Independent Cafe Bar Kitchen

I love Starling for their lush coffee, but their food is also pretty great too! They may be known for their pizzas but they have a pretty expansive brunch menu that runs every day of the week until 2.30pm. So you don’t have to be exclusive to the weekend to get your brunch-kick.

Whether you want something light, like porridge, or the whole hog with an Eggs Benedict, they’ve got you covered. The vibe is also so relaxed you could practically fall asleep in your chair. A spot on, relaxing brunch spot.

The best brunch in Harrogate

All this talk of brunch is making me hungry, so I’m off to make myself a homemade Eggs Royale. Except without the hollandaise, cos ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you have any other recommendations for great brunch spots in Harrogate, let me know. I’m always on the hunt for where I can get my next brunch fix!



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