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Things To Do TODAY!

We’re all culprits of not looking after ourselves well enough.

We put off and put off things until we get to breaking point, whether this be on work deadlines or taking care of our aching body.

And we all know how ‘un-fun’ it is when we reach breaking point.

So it’s time to take control. Today.

It’s a Tuesday. And Tuesday’s kinda suck.

But today you’re going to do something that will make you feel ten times better.

Stop worrying about money for a second – you can always earn more money, but you only get one body, and one shot at today!

Book a massage

It’s been about 2 years since you took a bath, due to your rental apartment not having a bathtub – not because you’re smelly, and it’s been even longer since you hit up the spa with your friends.

So today, ease your aching body and book a full body massage.

They’re not just good for relaxation, but your body will thank you so much for it. You’ll get off the table feeling like a new person; like your groggy, tired, gym exhausted body has left the building.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Go get a cocktail

You dreamt of the ‘Big City lifestyle’ portrayed in Sex and the City, but the reality is that you come home from a long, boring day to your tiny apartment (not Carrie Bradshaw’s penthouse) and fall asleep on the sofa with your microwave dinner in your lap.

Now what is the point in spending every evening like that?

Text a friend right now and arrange to meet for Happy Hour after work at a nearby bar.

Don’t bother texting several people because then you make it more effort than it’s worth. Just schedule an impromptu catch up with a good friend and you’ll go to bed a much happier city-bunny tonight.

Get Online Shopping

Feel like you’ve been wearing the same five outfits for work all year?

Give yourself a perk-up and order yourself something new to add to your work wardrobe. It could be a blazer to throw on over your usual attire, a gorgeous skirt, or even a cracking pair of heels.

Your new item will give you the ‘pick me up’ you need, and when you wear it, it will help increase your productivity that day with that extra spring in your step.

There are plenty of great clothing websites online with cute stuff – like Boohoo, Missguided and ASOS (if you’re not as concerned about money). And why not get it delivered to your work desk to make the day extra exciting! Every little helps…

Buy a Boxset

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut and have no hobbies, nor time for them?

Why not do something simple like buy yourself a boxset to start watching. Pick that series you’ve been meaning to watch for ages, and get cracking on it. Getting through the episodes will give you a goal to aim for, keeping you engaged, and it’s easy to stick on while you’re cooking your dinner or winding down for the night.

You could even get your housemate involved and make it something you do together. Gotta love a bit of bonding!

Plan a Weekend Trip

Got no plans for the weekend except lying on the sofa talking to your dog?

Then make your weekend something to look forward to by planning a trip away somewhere.

You don’t have to go far; there are plenty of great things on your doorstep, and England is pretty easy to get around quickly via the likes of trains and Megabuses (not to mention, your own car).

If you live down South, why not head off to the likes of Thorpe Park or the Harry Potter Studio Tour? Or if you live near enough, go into London and be a tourist for the weekend.

Or if you live up North, head to Brimham Rocks or the Lake District, or spend the weekend in a historical city like York.

And no matter where you live, you’re not too far from the seaside.

Plan to go somewhere that you’ve been wanting to go for ages. The time is now. Why waste your spare time when you’ve got it?

Get yourself to Yoga

Feeling like everything is so noisy in this big, fast world, and your head may explode any minute?

Head on down to your nearest yoga studio for a dose of tranquility.

Sometimes all you need is to be in a peaceful place, and BREATHE to feel so much better.

Yoga can be quite pricey, but as a one off it may do you some good – it’s slow paced, so it’s minimal sweat, great for detoxifying your body and clearing your mind. You’ll leave the studio feeling rejuvenated AND you’ll feel good for it because you did some exercise. Win win!
Do something for yourself today and feel the benefits immediately.

Remember, life isn’t just about work. You have a life long duty to take care of yourself, so make YOU a priority TODAY!



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