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Please Don’t Let Me Be A ‘Non-Person’

A couple of years ago I said to myself: “At 24 years old, I’ll figure it all out. My career will finally start to make sense and it will be the best year of my life.”

(Let’s all laugh together!)

Well, I’m half way through the age of 24 now and I’m still waiting for two things…

  1. This year to actually feel good; and
  2. For my career to make sense at all.

Because right now, I have no idea what I want to do career-wise, and I am in the middle of a ‘mid-twenties crisis’, freaking out about the fact that I turn 25 at the end of this year and that’s a ‘grown up’ age, so surely I should have some inkling of what I’m doing with my life…

Yeah sure, I’ve read plenty of those ‘inspirational’ posts that get shared on Facebook all the time that read: ‘The way to ruin your twenties is to overthink everything in your twenties.’ But the thing is, if I don’t ‘think‘ about things then surely I’m just going to plod along forever not ‘overthinking‘ things and then surely not amount to anything. *breathe* I’ll just be an uninspired, broke, non-person; which isn’t any different from where I’m at now.

I, at least, live in hope that I’m not destined to a life of being a ‘non-person’.

What is a ‘non-person’, you ask?

Well, my definition, is that a ‘non-person’ is someone who just plods along through life not really making an impact on anything or anyone; not leaving any evidence that they were really living.

And that’s how I feel right now… My career prospects feel stale, my motivation is lacking, I haven’t been on any crazy back-packing adventures to find life’s purpose; I see my friends progressing in so many aspects of their lives and I feel stuck.

None of this is to say that I’m not ‘happy‘… I have a wonderful boyfriend, I’ve just moved into a gorgeous flat and am enjoying my freedom finally, and I have great friends and a supportive family. Not to mention I have the world’s cutest and funniest dogs…

My best friend said ‘when your personal life is settled, your career just falls into place.’

Well, I don’t know where that career may be, but I wait in eager anticipation for this ‘mid-twenties crisis’ to be over!

So, in true ‘life crisis’ fashion, I’m taking myself off for a week to pretend to kick butt for my Advanced Stage Combat exams.  (Nothing beats away the blues like actually beating something up…)

I would probably do well to take away some lessons from channelling my inner ‘Buffy Summers’ this week (that’s Buffy the vampire slayer to anyone who doesn’t know).

She worked in a fast food restaurant in her twenties, but she also saved the world on a regular basis… so what really defined her? Because she certainly was not a ‘non-person’!



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