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Friday Thoughts – Frivolity And Figuring Yourself Out

Sometimes we need to take a step back, take a breath, and realise just how lucky we are.

It’s easy to wallow in self pity when something isn’t going your way, but after you’ve spent a couple of days milling it over, you should really be looking onwards and upwards. If there’s something you’re unhappy with, then change it!

I’ve been feeling down on myself recently in terms of my career (or should I say, non-existent career). It doesn’t help that I recently finished my contract with Disney which was the best job I’m probably ever going to have – so how can I possibly top that?

So while I’ve been feeling lost about where to take my next step, I’ve allowed myself to let a streak of bad luck added on top, dictate how I feel about my life in general. Which when pointed out to me by my best friend, is actually pretty great!

I live in a beautiful flat, I have my supportive family and friends around me again and I have a ‘normal’ life (something I craved for whilst being at sea for 6 months). My boyfriend is perfect, and even the jobs that I’m currently working, whilst aren’t my long term goals, I still really enjoy!


So basically, what I’m trying to say is let’s all take a second today to think about how lucky we really are and let’s stop putting pressure on ourselves to be at our end goals already. Everything comes to us in time, and we are always exactly where we are meant to be at that point in our life.

Stay focused and strive for what you want, but also don’t spend your time stressing about getting to that goal so much that you forget to appreciate where you’re currently at.

Maybe we should stop always trying to BE someone, when the point of life is just to be. You will always BE someone to someone, so relax and stop trying to BE someone to the world.


So, yeah, I may not have a straightforward 9 to 5 job yet that pays me enough to go travelling and buy a house, but I do have jobs that mean I can have the weekend off to go for a boozy weekend in London with my best friend. So what else do I really need in my twenties?

Because that’s what your twenties are for – frivolity and figuring out who you are.

And though I’m pretty sure I won’t find myself down the bottom of a wine bottle, at least I’ll be enjoying the frivolous side!

Happy Friday one and all!

Photo Credit: Ashley Dawn De Santis, who was a trooper during the windiest photoshoot ever! You should check out Ashley’s amazing cakes over on Instagram at @shebakesyoueat



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