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10 Netflix Originals You Should Be Watching

I’m notorious for having a thousand TV series on the go at once.

I’m not a big fan of binge watching (unless something has cliff hangers at the end of every episode – ‘Heroes‘, I’m talking to you!) So I tend to have a lot of series going on at the same time and I just flit between them based on my mood.


Whilst I have a list of programmes I want to get started (step forward ‘Game of Thrones), it’s far too easy to switch on Netflix and get lost in the sea of Netflix original series that are so popular now. And here’s my list of Original Series’ on Netflix that I’m loving right now, and maybe you will too!

Prior warning, you won’t find ‘Breaking Bad‘ or ‘Orange is the New Black‘ on this list. I’ve already watched them…



I have just finished watching the entirety of season 1 this past weekend and it is one of my favourite, easy watching series so far on Netflix.

I stumbled across it whilst searching for the cult classic Scream (which, obviously, Netflix doesn’t have – because they never have any decent films on the UK site) and the series stays true to the original movies.

It is loosely based on the classic films, but with a modern twist that comments on the algorithm for a classic horror film, tackling it with humour and suspense in equal measures.

The plot in a nutshell: A popular girl is murdered at her home, setting the course for a string of brutal murders reminiscent of a mass killing that rocked the town twenty years previously.

It is a fun watch, aside from the guts and gore (which aren’t actually that graphic), and the series has you guessing who the killer is til the very end. Bring on season 2!



I accidentally started watching A-Typical when Netflix automatically started playing it one morning. I decided to let it keep playing because it was a series I would probably watch eventually anyway and boy, was it a good choice!

A-Typical is the story about a 17 year old boy, Sam, who is on the autism spectrum and his family. Sam is advised by his councillor to get a girlfriend and so he sets out on a mission to get one. His mother begins to have a mid-life crisis as a result of not being needed by him, his sister finally begins to start choosing her own path outside of the family and his dad works to try to understand his son better.

It is a comedy but in the same episode where it has me laughing out loud, it also reduces me to tears at times. This show will equally entertain you and break your heart.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


If you like a wacky comedy then this is definitely the show for you!

This show doesn’t have a single sane character; everybody is mental (but in the best way). Imagine every person you meet in the streets of New York amplified and there you have the cast of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Kimmy Schmidt is freed from an ‘end of the world’ cult after years of confinement underground, and sets out to make up for lost time by moving to New York City and learning how to live in this century.

While all the characters are hilarious and the scrapes they get into are just ridiculous, if you watch this show for one thing, let it be for Tituss Burgess as the flamboyant Titus Andromedon, Kimmy’s flatmate. Just an absolute hilarious star!

Stranger Things Season 2 


I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you that you should be eagerly anticipating ‘Stranger Things’ season 2. The countdown is on and we’ll all be up all night binge-watching it come October 27th.

If you haven’t already seen the first season then I recommend you hop to it!

Stranger Things is a sci-fi thriller/drama set in the 80’s in a small town in America. A young boy goes missing and whilst his family and friends search relentlessly for signs as to where he has gone, they begin to uncover other-worldly goings on and a government cover up.

It is serious bingeing material so clear your calendar and prepare to devour the first 8 episodes in one sitting.

Big Mouth


If you’re a fan of adult cartoons that push the boundaries then look no further than the new series called Big Mouth.

Based around the general theme of puberty, the characters struggle to cope with their changing bodies with hilarious results. Not for everyone, but it may be for you!

Black Mirror


Black Mirror is one of my favourite series in a long time and each series gets better and better!

It’s not for the faint hearted, as even I have nightmares from this show (and I’m pretty rock solid when it comes to thrillers!). The reason it is so nightmare-inducing is because each episode seems so real.

Every episode is different and set in a different alternate reality; realities that are very close to our own and very possible to come true. Love a good dystopian story? Then check out ‘Black Mirror’ immediately!

Jessica Jones


I am all for Marvel and I am all for bad-ass, butt-kicking female superheroes!

Jessica Jones is about a personal investigator with superhuman abilities in a world where being a ‘mutant’ is common but also is frowned upon. Jessica struggles to make a positive impact on the city she lives in with as little exposure as possible, whilst on the run from her crazy and powerful ex-boyfriend, played by a fantastic David Tennant.

A darker twist on a Marvel movie, spread out over 13 episodes. Brilliant!


And now for the Netflix Original one-off’s…

To the Bone


To the Bone is a drama about a girl with anorexia and her journey to recovery. Or is recovery even possible?

This film received mixed reviews when it premiered, with some people saying that it glamorised anorexia. I, personally, didn’t feel that way as I found the subject pretty upsetting to watch, but there’s a love story involved so ya know… glamour, I guess!

Make a decision for yourself and watch this film. No matter whether it strikes a chord in a good or bad way with you, it’s eye opening nonetheless and educates as to some of the struggles people with eating disorders go through.

The Ivory Game


I recently wrote about a post calling for a ban on the UK ivory trade (click here to view the post) and if you needed any more of a reason to care about the cause, or just want a new documentary to watch, then check this one out!

An undercover team infiltrate the ivory trafficking network, hoping to draw attention to the atrociousness of this barbaric (and illegal in some places) industry.

I’d keep some tissues handy…

Iliza Schlesinger: Freezing Hot


You’ve gotta love a great female comedian and my favourite of the moment has to be Iliza Schlesinger (not Scherzinger…).

Why do I love Iliza? Because she is basic AF and she is happy to call herself out on it and make fun of herself. She is also super relatable because everything she makes fun of herself for, me and my friends have definitely done.

So if you want to laugh out loud over jokes about getting drunk on dates, pumpkin spice lattes and our pinterest board obsessions then grab a glass of wine and your homegirls and settle down on the sofa with this special on Netflix. She also has other specials on Netflix so you can binge even more, but this one is SO DAMN FUNNY I’ve watched it numerous times…


And there are my Top 10 Netflix Originals…

Maybe you’ll find a new series to binge on or a one-off film that plays with your emotions for better or worse. Whatever the result, I’d love to hear if you have watched any of these Netflix productions and what you thought of them!

Happy Netflix bingeing!





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