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How To Push Negativity Aside And Have A Great Week

We all go through periods where we feel run down. Everything gets on top of us, whether it be work, relationships or external factors in our personal lives (or maybe just everything). It affects our day to day running and leaves us feeling constantly low and full of negativity.

When you fall into these periods, it can be hard to climb your way back out.

Last month everything was weighing me down. I was struggling to juggle everything I needed to do and prioritise the people in my life, a spanner was thrown in the works with the house my boyfriend and I are buying, and family issues were hanging over my head. Then I started getting irritable at work, I was getting ratty with my boyfriend and I wasn’t feeling like myself. Not to mention, our family has suffered immense grief recently and we are still trying to come to terms with it.

Basically, everything came at once and I wanted to run away and hide from the world. I didn’t feel like myself.

So, after a bit of consideration (and realising that I can’t afford to actually run away), I decided to take action. Not to tackle everything head on or anything, but more or less just to let things be. I decided to stop thinking about it all and actively strive to be happy again.

And a week later, I actually feel a lot better. I feel much more positive just by forcing myself to be.

If, like me, you feel stuck in a pit of negativity and desperately want out, here are a few simple things to start actively considering. Believe me, your brain is powerful.

Smile more

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. It is so simple.

Smile at strangers, greet your loved ones with a big smile when you see them, stare at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself. And then laugh at how much of a goon you are because you just smiled at yourself in the mirror…

It is the first step. If you smile, it makes you feel better automatically. So smile more!


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Focus on the good things

When you’re feeling negative and low, all you can think about are the bad things going on. Gotta love those negative little demons!

But if you choose to think about them then you are giving them the power. You are giving them permission to sit in your brain and take the steering wheel. So, instead, actively distract yourself with positive thoughts.

Think about all the good things happening in your life. Look at the kind moments you witness while walking through the street; the dog walkers bonding over their pooches and the person giving money to the homeless guy. Find positive things to think about.

You will eventually stop dwelling on the bad stuff and it will be just running in the background, rather than taking centre stage.


Relax and trust that things will fall into place

There’s not much more to it really. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and accept that things are going to pop up in life that aren’t very convenient. The thing is that you can’t let your problems define you.

Things will always fall into place with time; you just have to wait it out.

Life is too short to be miserable so choose to be happy. Choose to roll with the punches. They will hurt and they will stun you for a while but remember that bruises heal. Then you’re left stronger than before.

Talk to someone

We all love to do things by ourselves and take time to focus on getting better, but sometimes being around people is the best way to do it.

If you’re by yourself, you are free to think and dwell on the difficulties going on. So meet up with a friend that you know always makes you feel better. Rant to them about your issues and take in what they say to you in response. An outsider’s perspective can also make a big impact on the situation and make you see things more clearly.

If talking to a friend isn’t enough and you are feeling incredibly low, do go speak to your doctor instead. Or book a session with a freelance therapist. Your mental health is nothing to cut costs on or waste time ‘waiting for it to get better’. Sometimes you need a little extra help and that’s OK. Acknowledge it and do something about it.


I hope some of these simple pointers can help to pull you out the rut you may be in. Changing my outlook and waking up in the morning saying “I’m going to have a good day” did wonders for me. Sometimes all you need to do is rewire your brain.

Do you have any other simple tips you think would be beneficial to other people going through a low stage? Please leave your additions in the comment section below. I would love to hear more tips and tricks! Believe me, we all need them.



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