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I Don’t Need To Get Married, I Just Need The Pretty Dress

Ever since I was a young girl I have dreamed about what my wedding dress would one day be like. It has gone through phases of representing various Disney Princesses, taking inspiration from celebrity wedding spreads in OK! magazine and collating a Pinterest Wedding Inspiration Board that I could only achieve in my wildest dreams.

I still drive slowly past a wedding dress shop in my home town to this day, gazing at the gorgeous dresses in the window and choose my dress for that day. (How I haven’t caused a car accident yet, I’ll never know!) Of course, my dress taste change every single time I see a beautiful dress; there’s so many stunning ones to choose from. I have come to the conclusion that I will need a minimum of three wedding dresses in order to be remotely satisfied on my ‘Big Day’… if that ever comes around.

When I was young I thought that I would get married by the time I was 27. Well, I’m 27 at the end of this year and I can safely say that childhood goal will not be achieved.

All my friends are starting to get engaged and get married. It seems as though every time I go on Facebook now there’s another engagement announcement on my feed or more happy wedding photos uploaded. And while I’m so happy for everyone I see celebrating their good news, I can’t help but compare myself.

Why is everybody getting engaged and I haven’t even lived with a partner yet? Why do they get somebody who wants to be with them forever and ‘put a ring on it’ to prove it? Why do they get to get married while they’re still young and hot?

blonde woman in white wedding dress by a window

Because, let’s face it, if you ask any woman why they’re desperate to get married in their twenties, there is one common answer. I WANT TO LOOK HOT IN MY WEDDING DRESS.

I want to still be young and beautiful when I get married so that when I walk down the aisle people comment on how amazing I look and mean it. I want to look back on my wedding pictures when I’m an old woman and go “yeah, I looked amazing; I was in the prime of my life”. I want to be able to wear whatever dress-style I want without worrying that I’m ‘too old’ to wear that style. I want to look hot in my wedding photos.

If you deny that this is the real reason you want to get married young, then you’re a liar.

bride in a sparkly wedding dress with large veil

The funny thing is, is that the idea of getting married and being a wife actually makes me feel a little bit ill; I would be the worst wife right now! I actually have no desire to get married any time soon because the commitment and social pressure feels suffocating in my little mid-twenties bubble. All I want is a really nice wedding dress.

I want to go wedding dress shopping, drink prosecco with my friends and find the dress that makes me look the best I’ll ever look in my life. Then I want somebody else to pamper me, do my hair and makeup for me, and then I want to walk around feeling like a goddess for a day. Is that too much to ask?

bride looks at wedding dress in mirror with bridesmaids around

The only thing stopping me from heading to the nearest wedding dress shop for a tipsy shopping spree with my friends is the fact that I would definitely walk away with a Β£1000 dress and be judged as being ‘the crazy girl who’s desperate to get married.’ To clarify, I don’t need to get married, I just need the pretty dress.

So, if anybody needs somebody to come try on some wedding dresses for the fun of it, I’m your gal.

Not all of us may have been made to be wives, but we were all made to look awesome in a wedding dress.

a pug in a wedding dress