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New Places To Eat In Harrogate That You Have To Try Out

Harrogate seems to have had an influx of new eateries opening recently. Is it to coincide with the UCI World Championship that is about to inundate our town with thousands of tourists or just plain coincidence?

Whatever the reason for this sudden surge of new places to eat in Harrogate, I am not complaining!

Here are the hottest spots that have just popped up that you absolutely have to try out!

Manahatta Harrogate

The Pit on Parliament Street has had a makeover, a refresh and a rebranding and is now a lively Manahatta.

For anyone who was an avid attendee of The Pit, don’t worry, it hasn’t changed much. It is still the same layout and is run by the same company (Arc Inspirations), the main differences are the decor and the menu.

The new Manahatta is ‘as if The Pit graduated uni, got a job and is starting to pay off its student debts, all the whilst enjoying cocktails in the city with its friends.’ The New York vibe makes the place feel trendy, cosmopolitan and it is, in my opinion, a great addition to Harrogate.

I was recently invited to try out the new Manahatta ahead of opening and the menu was great. I enjoyed the Halloumi Fajitas while my sister had the Mac Lasagna (so much cheese!); they were so tasty and came in huge portions. Paired with drinks such as the Manahatta Spritz and Pornstar Martinis on tap, you can’t go wrong!

Doe Harrogate

Doughnuts, doughnuts and more doughnuts!

Instagram: @theculinarybee

Doe Harrogate has popped up on Bower Street and it is everything that you would expect a doughnut shop to be. It is small, cute, quirkily decorated and totally instagrammable.

On its opening week it was selling out of doughnuts before midday, so you know that it is going to be a popular place.

For just £5 you can get a coffee and a doughnut, and if that isn’t reason enough to go along and indulge your sweet tooth then I don’t know what is!

Mama Doreen’s

Now, strictly speaking, Mama Doreen’s is by no means new to Harrogate BUT the popular cupcake company has closed its doors on Cold Bath Road and has moved to a bigger, more central location on Station Square.

The new Mama Doreen’s is luxurious, spacious and beautiful. Serving brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and cupcakes galore this is definitely the spot in Harrogate to treat yo’self at!

Grab your gal pals, your mum or just take yourself and enjoy the gorgeous new surroundings at Mama Doreen’s.

Love Brownies

Harrogate seriously seems to have developed a sweet tooth because not only do we have a doughnut shop and a cupcake emporium, but we now also have a brownie cafe! (No, not THAT kind of brownie cafe…)

Love Brownies on Montpellier Parade is a bright, zen-like cafe boasting all your usual cafe treats alongside their delectable brownies and Northern Bloc ice-cream. If you’re vegan, they have a selection of vegan brownies for you too!

If you had any intentions of getting in shape this winter, you may as well forget it because there are far too many great new places to eat in Harrogate that have opened up with one goal in mind: to make your soul happy with sugar!

Let me know if you have tried out any of these restaurants and what you think! Now, excuse me while I go scoff my face with everything…