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My Thoughts On THAT Ben Freeman Tweet…

Well, Ben Freeman managed to piss off quite a lot of people this week…

The soap actor posted a tweet on the 14th November that offended and angered a lot of the Musical Theatre industry. See below…


You can probably see why a lot of people were annoyed by his controversial tweet. Funnily enough, it has been deleted off his profile since.

His tweet was apparently in response to a recent complaint within the industry that casting directors were specifically requesting to see non-musical theatre trained actors for straight acting roles. People feel that this isn’t fair as they believe that it is suggesting that you aren’t a good enough actor if you trained in musical theatre rather than solely in acting.

Now, needless to say, tweets are a limited number of characters and it is just a snapshot of someone’s thought process, so there will be a lot more to the story behind the tweet, but you have to be sensible on social media. When you post something on the internet, you have to be prepared that anyone could see it, and when you have a decent profile within an industry, you should probably think twice before you post something potentially derogatory. There are direct messages for a reason, Ben…


Disgruntled performers across the U.K certainly didn’t hold back from responding to Ben’s tweet. People arguing the acting talent across the musical theatre industry, arguing how it shouldn’t be double standards then when it comes to celebrity actors crossing over into musicals, and some people just setting out to destroy him. There’s always at least one troll.

Word of advice people, no matter whether you dislike someone or disagree with their opinion, it doesn’t give you an excuse to be a bully. Leave your opinion of his personal talents out of it, because everybody has a different opinion; there will even be people out there who don’t rate Meryl Streep. Plus, if you’re bashing him for bashing your talents then does that not make you a hypocrite? Just a bit of food for thought…

But nonetheless, Ben’s tweet was a dick move.


Just because somebody trained in musical theatre, doesn’t mean that they’re not a sick actor – they just chose to also develop their other talents in singing and dancing. Likewise, just because someone trained in solely acting, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t an awesome singer or dancer too – they just chose to train and develop their acting skills.

I know some amazing musical theatre actors who absolutely captivate a room with their acting, and I’ve sat through many a professional show and cried my eyes out over the emotional journey an actor has been on. And I say actor because that is what they are – an ACTOR who can also sing and dance. I have also seen performers who I haven’t loved their performance, but then other people have. It is all a matter of opinion at the end of the day, and it’s the same in an audition room with a casting panel.

So Ben, if you’re saying that musical theatre performers shouldn’t really be auditoning for straight acting roles because they can get work in musicals without being ‘that good an actor’, then surely it should be the same across the board? If you’re an actor, then you shouldn’t be in a musical because you’re probably not ‘that good a singer’. So since you like to stretch yourself across the industry in both TV and on stage, you’re going to have to pick a side because you must not be ‘that good’ at one of the two.


In fairness, Ben has posted an apology to those he may have offended and I understand that things can get misconstrued. We all know how a text can be read in a totally different way to how it was intended. But this is my point. Think before you post on social media because if you post something offensive, the internet isn’t known for being very forgiving.

Congratulations on alienating yourself from the people in the industry you work in, Ben…





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