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How To Make The Most Of Your Snow Day

Remember how when we were school kids we used to pray for it to be a snow day as soon as a fleck of snow squeezed from the sky? Well it doesn’t matter how old we get, we still want the same thing; everybody wants a snow day!

Snow days are a surprise day off where you get to see the world through snow globe-tinted-glasses and use the adverse weather conditions as an excuse to stay in and do nothing. Not to mention we all get to complain about how ‘crazy’ the weather is, and as you know, all Brits LOVE to complain about the weather.

While I am not actually one of the people who gets to enjoy the benefits of a snow day, I thought I would compile a little post with ideas on what you could do to make the most of YOUR snow day, should you be lucky enough to have one.

Get your sled out

Instead of spending the day cooped up inside, get your old sled out or make one out of a bin lid, and rediscover your inner-child. Wrap up warm and head to the nearest snowy hillside and let the child within you be free.

I saw so many people sledding down a golf course near where I live and I was only totally jealous as I crawled past them in my poor, traumatised Mini Cooper.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

The answer is yes.

Go to town and create a snowman to make you the envy of your neighbours. Give it your best hat and get some use out of the old carrots at the back of your fridge. Then, when you’re finished, take an awesome selfie with your masterpiece and enjoy watching it melt over the course of the day. It can be fun to watch the things you worked so hard on come crashing to the ground again… (I’m joking obviously – forget you ever made the snowman and let it go.)


On that note…

Film a music video in the garden.

Remember your favourite Christmas music videos where pop stars stood in puffer jackets and sang ballads? (S Club 7, I’m talking to you.) Well why not recreate them for a good laugh?

Or maybe embrace your inner Elsa and pretend you’re the one controlling the snow storm as you diva strut down your snowy street to ‘Let It Go’.

I’m not going to lie, it’s 11pm and all I want to do is go outside and do this right now…

Go for a walk in the snow

As long as you’re wrapped up warm, the snow can actually be kind of enjoyable (so long as you’re not trying to get somewhere). I found myself in a really chipper mood walking back from work to my stranded and abandoned car this evening.

It’s a winter wonderland and it only comes around like once a year so embrace the beautiful chaos that is snow and go for a walk in it.

Not to mention, dogs frickin’ love snow, so if you have one, take them out and let them enjoy playing. There is nothing purer than watching your pets frolick in the snow.

Stay in and snuggle up with a duvet, film and hot chocolate

This one kind of explains itself. After a day of enjoying the snow for its playfulness, retreat back in doors, konk up the heating a notch and change into your pyjamas and slippers.

Pull all your duvets and cushions off the beds and create a den on the living room floor, smack bang in front of the TV. Binge that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to watch, like ‘The Sinner’, or have a movie marathon (Disney ones are always a good shout).

It’s mandatory to have a hot chocolate on a snow day, so cuddle up with your hot drink and duvet and enjoy doing nothing. Snow days subconsciously make us feel a little bit like we’re trapped indoors, so enjoy the fact that you kind of HAVE to stay in. You’ll probably be back at work tomorrow so make the most of today.

Enjoy your snow day!



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