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Luxury Gifts From A Gift From The Gods

Elisha wearing silk pyjamas from A Gift From The Gods

It is one week until I’m speaking at the Harrogate Home and Gift Event 2019 and I am both super excited… and just a tad nervous!

Fun fact! 3 years ago, I was working the doors at the Harrogate Home And Gift Event, signing people in and printing off their name badges. Isn’t it crazy how things change?

I never would have expected all those years ago that I would one day be speaking on a panel at the event and getting to explore it for myself. I can’t wait to get my social media marketing hat back on and share my love and passion of the medium, and the importance of it, with anyone who cares to come along and join us.

I’ve been approached by a few companies that will be appearing at the event, and when ‘A Gift From The Gods‘, got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to try out some of their products, I couldn’t say no. Their store is gorgeous!

Here are my personal top picks from A Gift From The Gods’ online store. Perhaps you will feel inclined to visit them at the Harrogate event when you pop by!

Elisha on her laptop reaching for her phone next to notebook from A Gift From The Gods

In honesty, I don’t really wear pyjamas much because I get far too hot on a night. However, I do LIVE in active wear and ‘fake pyjamas’ most of the time. I live in active wear in the day time and then sweats as soon as I get home.

So having a nice pair of pyjamas feels like a luxury to me. These Pink Satin pyjamas from the A Gift From The Gods store feel heavenly on my skin and I feel so fancy in them. It’s almost as if I’m dolled up ready to go out and be seen, rather than hiding at home with dinner on my lap and the TV on.

Elisha wearing silk pyjamas from A Gift From The Gods

If you know me, then you know that I have about a thousand notebooks, all full of my ramblings/business plans/budgeting/dream planning/blog drafts/stories that I’ve never completed etc. The list could go on and on…

So, obviously, I grabbed myself a fresh new notebook from A Gift From The Gods to take on my upcoming travelling trip.

Elisha writing in a notebook from A Gift From The Gods

I have been debating whether to take my laptop with me incase I get sick of reading, but instead of making myself a target for robbers (bye bye laptop), I have decided I am going to take this notebook with me to doodle in, daydream in and plan my world domination in.

“Get your goddess on” – it seems pretty appropriate for how goddess-like I’m going to feel by the pool in France in August!

Elisha putting makeup in a makeup bag from A Gift From The Gods

Whilst on the topic of my travelling trip… as soon as I saw the adorable little makeup bags on the A Gift From The Gods website, I knew I needed one.

Whenever I’m travelling I always risk getting in a brawl with the airport security when they make me put all my makeup in a plastic bag and then threaten to throw half of it away because it won’t fit in their tiny ziplock pockets.

This little makeup bag is small in size so it will help me be tactical with what makeup items I take with me, and I shouldn’t have to take them out and repack them when going through airport security. I can whip out my clear makeup bag, scan it and be on my way.

Plus, it’s super cute! (And that’s the most important thing.)

Elisha reading a text message and drinking from a mug from A Gift From The Gods

Obviously, I needed a new mug for my never-ending collection too. Does anyone else have an obsession with cute mugs, or is it just me? (I genuinely have a box of mugs in a room in my grandma’s house because they won’t fit in my family kitchen cupboards.)

I can’t wait to meet the lovely team behind A Gift From The Gods at the Harrogate Home And Gift Event so I can thank them for creating such beautiful gifts and for giving me the opportunity to try them out. It is the perfect website for unique, girly gifts that are totally affordable! Plus they currently have a 20% discount code on their website if you quote GIFT20 at checkout – making it even cheaper!

I hope to see you at the Harrogate Home And Gift Event on Sunday 14th of July. My panel talk is at 3pm with other local bloggers The Harrogate Girl and Loved By Millie – so come join in the conversation and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about promoting your business!

Support small businesses, guys – they need your support the most!

This is a post written in collaboration with A Gift From The Gods. All products mentioned in this post have been gifted by the team at A Gift From The Gods.