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When Soap Looks Good Enough To Eat

It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this post…

But I’ve really wanted to wait until I’d taken a bath and could give a proper review.

Alas, 2 weeks later, I have still not bathed. (Oh I do smell…)

Jokes! I have, of course, showered. I just haven’t had the time, or energy, to have a bath and test out one of my beautiful bath bombs from Knaresborough’s latest, PINK, addition: The Yorkshire Soap Co.

To be honest, I don’t know if I can ever bring myself to use my bath bombs; I just want to keep them by the side of my bath, looking pretty and pastel forever!

The Yorkshire Soap Co. is the newest store that has opened on Castlegate, in Knaresborough.

With its pink exterior, it’s luxurious inner decor and decadent scents, it is a welcome addition to our small town. (It certainly makes a nice change from the abundance of charity shops, pubs, and hairdressers that dominate the town centre!)

The Yorkshire Soap Co. boasts handmade bath products, made locally in their workshop in York, which means local business – Yayy! I love a good local business!

The variety of products on offer matches the standards of similar chain stores, such as ‘lush‘. The concept of quirky bath bombs, and bars of soap ‘that don’t look like soap’, are pretty on par. The main difference between them is that The Yorkshire Soap Co. seem to model their products on looking like cakes. And you’d be forgiven if you mistook the soaps for real cakes, as they do look good enough to eat!

I mean, how pretty!

Not to mention these cool bath soaps that look like flowers!

The combination of beautiful designs, glorious scents, and the intriguing touch of being ‘homemade’, make The Yorkshire Soap Co. a perfect shopping choice for when you are stuck for a nice gift to give someone. Or even if you just want to treat yourself to an indulgent bath!

Or, maybe, if you just want to adorn the side of your bath with their prettiness, like I currently am…

I don’t quite understand why there is a baby crocodile scaling the wall, but we don’t question these things… He clearly thinks they look good enough to eat too!

If you haven’t been in the store yet, go check it out!

It’s the store that’s a little bit pink… You can’t miss it!

This post has been transferred from my old site dedicated to the North of England,, dated August 15 2016.



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