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Tea And Cake. Oh, So British. Oh, So Good Though!

Maybe I’m an old woman before my time, but one of my favourite things to do when I have a day off is to go out for coffee and cake with a friend… or usually my mum.

When it’s too early to be socially acceptable to drink (which in my eyes, is never!) or you’ve got work to get to later that day, a coffee or a good cup of tea is the perfect alternative. And obviously throw in a slice of cake-ey goodness and you’ve got a winner!

I like to pick family-run businesses rather than chains where possible, so in my hometown of Knaresborough, I try to avoid Cafe Nero and Wetherspoons. Except for on Tuesdays when I can get my free drink from Cafe Nero with O2 Priority…

My new favourite place to nip in to for my cake fix, is Honey Bee’s at Hannah’s on Castlegate.

In keeping with the history of the town, it feels slightly like you’re stepping back in time with the old fireplace and wooden beams that adorn the tea shop, but with cute modern touches that make the place very Instagram-worthy.

To stick with the quaint-tea-shop-feel, everything is served on beautiful crockery that you would expect to find in your grandma’s home collection. (You wouldn’t usually look twice at it, but in retrospect it is gorgeous and classic!)

All the tables and chairs are wooden with comfy cushions for decoration, and paper butterflies and oriental-style lanterns adorn the windows. There is a large table as you walk through the door that is packed with freshly-made cakes and treats, that differ each time you visit (although I always go for the Victoria Sponge). And don’t forget to look out for the small bee’s that are dotted around the walls of the cafe in a charming fashion.

But it’s not just a spot for tea and cake!

They also offer hearty, home-made meals for those looking for something a bit more substantial, such as Steak & Ale Pie, Sausage and Mash, and lunchtime classics such as soup and Quiche Lorraine. I always forget about this, but I need to remember, one day, to go in for a meal!

The people who work there are lovely, and the first time I went in, the waitress reassured me which cakes I could have with my nut allergy (which was pretty much all of them!)  and she didn’t act like it was a problem, unlike many places that do! But that could also be down to the fact that she said her daughter has a peanut allergy, so they don’t tend to put nuts in the cakes, unless it’s a cake that traditionally comes with them (like carrot cake). If you have a nut allergy, please do check which cakes you can have when you go in; DON’T take my word for it!

So if you’re looking for somewhere to pop in to warm up from this bitter April weather, try out Honey Bee’s at Hannah’s. It’s both a relaxed place for a catch up with a friend, and somewhere you can go with the family to take a break from walking around town.

And if you go, please leave a comment telling me what you had! One of these days, maybe I should be adventurous and stray away from my usual Victoria Sponge cake…

This post has been transferred from my old site dedicated to the North of England,, dated April 19, 2016.



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