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Good Friends, And Good Pie And Peas

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day work lives that we forget to make time to catch up with old friends. But when we do, it is so worth it!

Richard is one of my oldest friends – we went to school together, walked to school together every day for years, he was my date to the May Ball (and wore a bow tie that matched the colour of my dress) and we have stayed friends since going our separate ways in ‘adult-ing life’, checking in every now and then.

Since returning to live back home, I have reconnected with so many old friends and now it is like we never were away for years. I guess, when you’re good enough friends, it just comes easily.

So after over a month of needing a catch up, we managed to squeeze one in on Tuesday, at a new cute discovery – LMDC espresso bar in Harrogate.

From catching up on work and love lives, to getting excited for Richard’s upcoming Disney Cruiseline adventure (that we’ve been talking about him doing for over a year!), the conversation never stopped flowing… and also neither did the food or drinks. We were in it to win it!

Every time I’ve walked past LMDC and have seen the ‘warm pork pie and peas’ advertised, I’ve wanted to try out this little hidden café and ‘get my Yorkshire on’. And it didn’t disappoint. And I got my pie and peas! (A lot of peas, at that.)

Come on, we’ve got to be stereotypical every once in a while…

Between us we had pie, a bagel, a scone, shortbread with chocolate chunks, iced coffee, and the most delicious smoothie I’ve had in a while!

We sat on wooden benches at farmhouse-style tables, surrounded by a friendly and thriving atmosphere. LMDC feels like a modern coffee shop but with an intimate barn vibe.

I’ve only noticed LMDC pop up in the recent months, and it seems to be doing well – I always see it moderately full when I walk past on my way to work. I think I may even pick up one of those smoothies to boost my vitamin intake on my way to work this afternoon…

It’s definitely a place Richard and I will be going back to; it just may have to wait 5 months while he jets off to the Carribbean for a while.

I guess it’s ok though.

Good friends and good pie and peas are worth the wait!

This post has been transferred from my old site dedicated to the North of England,, dated May 6, 2016.



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