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A Week Of Fun For Less Than £10 A Day!

As someone who enjoys the ‘funemployed’ life, (and is also going on holiday very soon), it can be hard to enjoy the finer things in life when you have bare-all money…

In case you’re wondering what ‘funemployed’ is – it is what most actors are. Unemployed in what you want to be doing, but working several part time jobs to make ends meet so that you can go to auditions at your ‘leisure’. 

As I had a lot of spare time last week to keep myself entertained, I set myself a goal to do one thing every day that was fun/luxurious for under £10!

So here was my week in numbers…



The week didn’t get off to the most exciting start as I spent most of Monday doing admin work, but I did manage to get out in the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine. And what better way to do that than with a long dog walk?

Instead of taking our usual route down by the Knaresborough Riverside, we walked along to the Knaresborough Lido, admiring all the beautiful mobile homes that reside there.

Some of the homes that are based on the main hill down to the river are impressive, with huge wooden decking and large glass windows/doors into the main living quarters. On a beautiful day you could mistake it for being somewhere abroad. It kind of made me want to live in one of them…

I had hoped we could test out the Watermill cafe by the river, however it turned out to not be open on Monday’s – gutting!

So, the nearest place to grab a coffee otherwise? Trusty McDonald’s, amounting to £4.50 for two coffees and a snack wrap. Cheap and cheerful, but not quite my intention for the week’s finds.

I needed to work harder.

Spend of the Day: £4.50, but a dog walk is free!


It’s always nice when you have a friend who understands the ‘funemployed’ life. It means that you have a partner in crime for any occasion.

And for me, there is no better partner in crime than Ed – the Ryan to my Sharpay!

The only problem is a good partner in crime will back you all the way, even if you are potentially making a bad decision. And when waffles with salted caramel sauce and vanilla whipped cream are on the menu, it is potentially a bad decision for your waistline…but really not for your soul!

On Tuesday we took a cruise up to Harrogate (it was me driving us for the first time ever!) and stuffed our faces at Baltazhans, a Scandinavian cafe by day, and a restaurant by night that goes by the name of Norse.

We both ate, chatted away, and got attacked by pigeons for a good couple of hours, sat on the communal wooden benches outside the cafe.

All of the cakes in the window looked incredible (I was seriously eyeing up the cinnamon swirls) but the ultimate winner was definitely the giant waffles that they are renowned for!

Easily a sharing portion, or if you are really hungry do it yourself!

You can choose from a selection of sides for your waffles – Nutella, Salted Caramel, Fruit Compote, Vanilla Whipped Cream and Banana. And all are at just £4.75!

And a handy hint that I will definitely be doing in the future – after 3pm on weekdays you can get waffles for half price!

My waistline will never be the same again…

Spend of the Day: £4.75



I had an audition down in London on Wednesday, so the only time spent up North for me was in train stations.

The contents of my day included travelling down to London, going to the audition, hitting myself in the face, leaving the audition after 5 minutes in the room, and travelling back home. Nothing more, nothing less.

Spend of the day: Hitting yourself in the face is free!



For some reason, despite me eating pretty consistently all day, I spent Thursday in a state of chronic hunger.

So the best way to cure a hungry belly? Pub food!

My sister and I drove out to the Mason’s Arms at Bishop Monkton late afternoon and promptly ordered our feast!

I’m afraid I didn’t take any pictures of our food as I was too busy wolfing it down, but I assure you it looked AND tasted great!

I had the pulled pork scotch egg for my starter, while my sister had a prawn cocktail, and for mains I had the haddock, prawn and leek crumble, while my sister had the chicken pie. I think the scotch egg on a bed of bbq sauce was one of my favourite things I’ve had ever!

And the amazing thing about this great meal? For 2 courses it was only £9.95! For 3 courses it would be £12.95, but we were stuffed after the two.

The deal runs through the weekdays, all day and night, and at selected days on weekends. An absolute steal for a great meal out.

Spend of the day: £9.95



On Friday I surpassed the £10 budget, but only by £6, to go the theatre.

For information on the show, check out my previous blog post with a review of Busker The Musical.

It’s nice to spice up your weekends every now and then. Instead of either sitting at home with a bottle of wine or going out on the town, my mum and I went to the local theatre to see a brand new musical. It was a fantastic show and a much more interesting way of spending the evening.

And bagging the cheapest tickets in the house for £16 means I didn’t break the bank either!

Spend for the day: £16.00



On Saturday night I went along to the Valley Gardens in Harrogate, along with hundreds of people, to check out the Carabosse Fire Festival that had taken over for the weekend.

I felt like I’d stepped foot into a Pagan Festival and was going to leave with a hex cast upon me. The mood felt like Halloween must feel in America.

There were large sculptures blazing with fire, torches adorning the pavements, vest lanterns guiding your way through the trees and into a clearing where they floated above a lake. All accompanied by live music that perfectly fit with the eery feel of the evening. Although when I say ‘eery’, by no means was it creepy, the evening was super cool!

For only £3 entrance fee it was perfect. It appealed to people of all ages and once you were inside there was no need to spend any more money so it made for a fun and cheap night!

Unfortunately the event will no longer be in Harrogate as it was exclusive to the weekend, but it is worth looking out for similar events in future.

Spend of the day: £3.00
It just goes to show that you can find things to do without spending a lot of money. The best moments are spent with other people, it’s just finding the right locations to host them, and I had a great week of luxury without breaking the bank!

This post has been transferred from my old site dedicated to the North of England,, dated June 27 2016.




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