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A Taste Of Italy In Harrogate

This time last year, I was sailing the Mediterranean sea, visiting different ports of Italy every other day of the week…

Eating lots of pizza, drinking the best coffee I’ve had (and milk is not common with Italian coffee, so it was hardcore stuff!) and sitting in blazing sun surrounded by European beauty.

Seeing pictures of my friends who have gone back to the ship, frolicking around Italy again, is enough to make you question your summer when you live in rainy England and the coffee is mediocre.

So instead of wallowing in self pity for my cold summer, I took myself off to Stuzzi in Harrogate.

An off-the-beaten-path restaurant with gorgeous decor, a delicious Italian tapas menu, and awesome coffee! Not to mention some lush, refreshing, Aperol Spritz cocktails. (Although as designated driver I couldn’t have more than one sip! I hate responsibility…)

The knowledgeable waiters can tell you practically everything about the menu, which makes life a lot easier for someone with an allergy. Note to nut allergy sufferers, whilst there are several dishes you can’t have due to nut content, the waiters tell you what you can have, and dessert is not off the cards for once!

Exhibit A: This dark chocolate torte.

I’ve been to Stuzzi once before and the food was divine, even down to the simplicity of their focaccia loaves. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the one I had, as I ate it far too ravenously (worst blogger ever, I know…), but here is a picture of one I had the last time I went.

All the ingredients are fresh and the menu changes up a bit every day, including totally separate offerings for lunch and evening.

There is classic, stylish, restaurant seating indoors, along with a covered outdoor area that is perfect on a warm day, protecting you from the harshness of the sun’s rays whilst still keeping the light streaming in. I couldn’t have loved the outdoor seating more than I did – casual with a touch of sophistication (kind of like Italy).

Visiting Stuzzi helped to kick the post-Italy blues for sure! Beautiful surroundings, beautiful food and beaut coffee – what more does a girl need on her doorstep?

And the bonus is, at least I didn’t have to worry about rushing back for the ship’s departure!

Although I will be rushing back for an Aperol Spritz – responsibility has a time limit!

This post has been transferred from my old site dedicated to the North of England,, dated August 5 2016.



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