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6 Things To Do In 6 Months

Well, I’m baaaaack!

Back home. Back in the U.K. Back in Yorkshire. Back in my favourite place in the world.

Even though I’ve lived in several places, and explored many countries, there’s no place like home.

As I have returned with half of the year already gone, I figured I would get excited for all the things that I can now do in the upcoming months. Luckily, I’ve returned with the best half of the year still to come (Summer, Autumn, Christmas – you know the drill)!

So here are 6 things I’m looking forward to doing in the next 6 months – and maybe they’ll provide some inspiration for yourself!

July – Leeds Gin Festival


July has many fun things in store, so it was hard to pick just one, but I am particularly looking forward to heading to the Gin Festival in Leeds with my boyfriend, come July.

I mean, what could be better than spending your Saturday sampling as much gin as you want?!

Even if you’re not a big gin drinker, you’ll probably end up a convert by the end due to the many different flavours on offer!

Drinking gin with your friends, accompanied by live music, in the setting of Leeds Town Hall – what better way to spend the first weekend of July?!


For tickets and information head to:


August – The Wedding Singer

By far, one of my favourite musical soundtracks…

I’ve never been able to see The Wedding Singer musical to put a show to the songs, however that all will change in August when the UK Tour of The Wedding Singer comes to Leeds Grand Theatre!


If you haven’t seen the original film with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore then (1. You’re missing out, and 2.) The general gyst of the plot is that a Wedding Singer gets dumped by his fiancée at their wedding and so loses his love for LOVE. Which is kind of a problem in his line of work… That is until he meets Julia, a waitress who is desperate to finally get married to her fiancée, and their friendship gradually becomes something more.

It’s a musical comedy set in the 80’s so expect crazy costumes and electric keyboard galore!


The show runs from Tuesday 22nd til Saturday 26th August.


September – Friendsfest

If you’re one of the lucky people who managed to get a ticket to the touring ‘Friendsfest’ in September then I am eternally jealous!

Sadly the event isn’t up North this year, and the London one sold out ages ago, but the event looks amazing and I can only live in hope that someone will advertise a ticket that they’re selling…

It is basically a tour dedicated to the classic TV show, ‘Friends’, consisting of pop-up versions of the sets and famous scenes and locations for plenty of photo ops and even a sing-a-long karaoke to ‘Smelly Cat’.

Well I guess maybe next year, if my luck is in…

For more information, or to see if there’s availability at a location near you…

October – Thackray Medical Museum Quarantine

Halloween is my favourite event of the year, even though my nerves have got weaker over the years…

And the most exciting things to look out for on Halloween aren’t your run-of-the-mill club nights and fancy dress parties, but you also need to look out for the awesome interactive events that go on for one weekend of the year!


One in particular that I’ve seen in the Leeds area is the Zombie Survival event held at the Thackray Medical Museum. It’s pretty much what you can imagine… you run around the museum, trying to find the ‘cure’, all the while being hunted down by live-actor zombies. Sounds cool and terrifying at the same time!

The tickets sold out a week in advance of the event last year, so keep an eye on the Thackray Museum website and VisitLeeds website for when tickets become available.

November – STEPS at Leeds First Direct Arena

If, like me, you were a massive STEPS fan back in the day, then you’ll be just as excited as I am that the group are reuniting again to do another tour!

Not only are STEPS performing though, but the classic Venga Boys are the support act!

I am soooo ready to live all of my childhood disco dreams on November 21st!

For tickets check out:



December – Pantomime Season

When you think of Christmas in England, surely one of the first things that you think of is Pantomime Season.

It’s a classic British tradition, so why not embrace it this year and head to your local theatre for some slapstick fun!


Some pantomimes to look forward to in 2017 include:

Harrogate Theatre – Beauty and the Beast

Leeds Carriageworks Theatre – Robin Hood

Theatre Royal Wakefield – Aladdin

Bradford Alhambra – Cinderella

Head to the individual theatre websites for dates and tickets.



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