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40 Days Til Home-Time

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving my time working abroad and wouldn’t change a thing, but now that it’s only 40 days until I come home, the countdown is officially on and I’m already getting excited for all the things I’ve missed, and can’t wait to do!

It was at the end of my last Disney Cruiseline contract that I decided to move home, and eventually decided to stay at home, once I realised that the North now had so much to offer.

The performing scene may still have a long way to go, professionally speaking, but it’s making baby steps with rep seasons in Manchester, and small groups, such as Northern Highlights, emerging to create work for Northern actors.

But despite the slight downfalls of minimal acting work up North, it’s only a 2 hour train down to London, and the rest of my life that is spent between jobs is great fun! And here are a few of the things that I can’t wait to do when I get home to Knaresborough.

Have some good pub grub!

Yorkshire wouldn’t be Yorkshire without some top-notch pubs with amazing food.

Living on a ship, we lose weight without even wanting to because the food is so sparce and un-nutritious, so the first thing I want to do when I get home is have a good meal.

I’m already dreaming about a good chicken pie, or a pulled pork scotch egg from The Masons Arms in Bishop Monkton…

Test out more of the coffee shops

The best coffee and service you’re going to get is always at the independent coffee places, and Harrogate has so many to offer now that I can barely keep up. But mark my words when I say I’m going to try them all!

I’m looking forward to trying out some of the many teas that Bean & Bud has to offer, or one of their made-to-order hot chocolates, and grabbing a lush coffee and cake from one of my favourites, Baltzersens.

Walk the dogs down by the riverside

Yes, this may be a basic thing that people do every day, but I miss my weekday morning rituals of taking the dogs down by the beautiful Knaresborough Riverside, grabbing a coffee while overlooking the Viaduct, and feeding the dogs far more treats than they should be having.

It’s the simple things in life, and my dog walks are all the more enjoyable just because of the gorgeous paths I take through my hometown. It truly is lovely!

Eat ALL the cheese!

Anyone who knows me, knows that wine and cheese are two of my favourite things. And when put together, they are a match made in heaven (and hell for the waistline…).

Cheese is very hard to come by living on a cruise ship, so one of the first things I want to do when I get home is make up for lost time!

And nowhere does a cheeseboard better than The Half Moon in Knaresborough – which also happens to be my favourite place to drink in Knaresborough.

Sat by a roaring fire, at wooden tables, surrounded by old brick walls and candlelight, you couldn’t have a better setting for wine and cheese. And the cheeseboard is just amazing – even the charcoal cheese, which I was sceptical about at first, until I tried it!

Give me ALL the cheese!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is a pretty standard treat in England. But instead of heading to Betty’s with the hefty price tag, I can’t wait to take my mum to Afternoon Tea at Mama Doreen’s, which I tried for the first time just before I left last year.

Last time I had the cake platter, which was scrumptious, so I can’t wait to go for the whole-shebang and try out the sandwiches and quiches too. I mean, look at this valentine’s display!


I’d be crazy not to get it all!

Have my cake and EAT IT

I need to consider unfollowing Little Breads on Facebook because their constant influx of photos of their amazing-looking cakes and treats are giving me serious cravings! And I know that they’ll taste as good as they look because I used to eat their brownies for lunch when I worked in Harrogate.

One of my first stops has to be driving up to Little Breads shop and stocking up on their gorgeous sweet treats. I’m just devastated that their Creme Egg concoctions will be gone by then, due to Easter coming and going before I return.

Explore Leeds

When I get home it’s going to be time for a new chapter, and an attempt at a proper adult life. I mean, I’m 24 now, I’m getting old…

So while I contemplate making a move to the nearest Northern city, I’ll have to start exploring even more places than I already know in Leeds. Which means even more fun things to find, and places to explore!


I can’t wait!



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