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21st Celebrations At Lucia’s

So it has taken me far too long to have time to sit down and write this post…

…but I have spent this week working/last minute audition preparing/travelling down to London and back. Now I finally have some time to sit down and write before I head back down to London again in a couple of hours…

Sometimes I think it would be easier to live down in London when I have auditions, but I wouldn’t trade living up North for that again! It’s easy enough to get back and forth from London in a day, and at least up North I can afford to go to nice places when I’m not working/auditioning.

Just as I did on Saturday night! – (my first Saturday night off in months, I might add!)

It was my brother’s 21st birthday at the weekend, so we went out for a family meal at Lucia Wine Bar and Grill in Harrogate.

I’ve only been there once before, for lunch with mum on a great ‘2 eat and drink for £14.95‘ deal, and that was nice looking out of the giant glass windows on a sunny day. But on a Saturday night the restaurant has a totally different feel!

Lucia has three floors that each serve as a different section to the establishment.

On the ground floor there is a wine and cocktail bar, and on the top two floors it doubles as a restaurant, with another bar on the first floor. Dimmed lighting makes you feel kind of like you’re out clubbing, but without the debauchery that comes with it.

Not to mention there is copious amounts of outdoor seating along the balconies, which include heaters and gazebo roofing for if the weather is a little bit, well, April this year! (I mean snow? Really?!)

With a large food menu to choose from, and an endless cocktail list, it is the perfect place to go for a special occasion.

With there being 8 of us on our table, we were able to sample a wide variety of meals that ranged from mussels, pate and risotto balls for starters, to pizza, pasta, chicken and steak for the main course.

I, myself, started off with one of my favourite starters anywhere – deep fried Brie! Not kind on the waistline, but I don’t care when it tastes this good!

Followed by Lemon Chicken on a bed of risotto for my main course, and simple ice cream for my dessert (because I was too full to manage the chocolate pudding). But you have to have 3 courses if you’re out for dinner – go big, or go home, in my opinion. Although I did have food envy for my brother’s cheeseboard

Whilst I wanted to be that annoying member of the family who gets the waiter to bring out dessert with a candle in it, it may have been a bit bizarre sticking out of the Blue Cheese on his cheeseboard.

Obviously, the first thing we did when we got there was order drinks, and for us girls, the cocktail menu was the first place we looked! While I love a good fruity cocktail on holiday, I prefer something on the drier side when I’m out for dinner, so while my sisters were ordering the likes of ‘On the Beach‘ (missing the ‘Sex‘) and Apple Martinis, I influenced my mum to copy me and get a Bellini – which had the perfect amount of peach puree in it, so it didn’t overpower the prosecco and didn’t curdle into bits of peach as sometimes is a risk when ordering.

The staff really looked after us, even though we were a nuisance being late for our table due to Taxis not showing up, and the young waitress was very helpful with informing me what dishes I could have with my allergy.

I will certainly be making a trip back to Lucia soon – if for anything, I hope to sit on their balcony with a fruity cocktail, enjoying the sun that WILL arrive in time for summer!

Come on, England, I think we deserve it….

This post has been transferred from my old site dedicated to the North of England,, dated April 28, 2016.



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