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Life Lessons I Learned From This Year’s Series Of ‘Love Island’

This year was the first time I’ve watched Love Island.

Eight weeks of my life lost to the depths of time, solely dedicated to spending an hour each night watching a load of gym junkies ‘get off’ with each other. I mean, what more could you want right?

Well aside from serious body confidence issues and a general feeling that love is dead, here are some other life lessons I walked away with after watching this series.

Love Island

Dr Alex wasn’t cute. He was really just hopeless…

Hair extensions are great in theory but they just don’t look very good in reality.

Always wear sun cream.

It doesn’t matter if you have abs. If you’ve got no personality, you have nothing.

Be nice to those who do you wrong. Other people will notice and you will win in the end.

People on Twitter are hilarious…

Love Island

And ruthless.

You can curl your eyelashes with a hairdryer – WHAAAAT??

You’re never ugly, you’re just poor.

Our generation has no respect for loyalty; we are always looking for the next best thing. Love is dead.

Love Island

This is from the Australian series, but it’s a fantastic gif nonetheless.

Georgia is loyal.

There are so many badass women emerging who aren’t willing to be treated badly!

Some guys are total assholes…

But they can be pretty great when they wantΒ to be too.

Oh, and girls can be pretty shit too.

Boys never grow up. #DBS

And we all want to be on the next series of Love Island…

…mainly for the chance of winning Β£50k…

Who else was waiting for Jack to run off with the money?

…Not because we want to find love…

…Not like you could find it in ‘the villa’ anyway.

What life lessons did you learn from this year’s series of Love Island? Obviously, there are lots more I could have put, but I don’t have all day. I have a life to reclaim now that my 9pms are free every day again!




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