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Frolicking In The Waters At Krka National Park | Croatia

The most beautiful natural view I’ve ever seen? It has to be gazing down from the top of Krka National Park waterfall and over the snaking valley of water and trees, untouched by humanity. Well, almost…

While Krka National Park has had the odd touches added in to make our viewing pleasures easier, the land remains fairly untouched. The result is a breathtaking walk and splash around the pure waters of Krka, gazing in admiration at the magnificence of Mother Nature.

krka national park

When I was wondering what to do in Croatia, I asked other people who had been there… obviously. The one common recommendation from everyone I spoke to was to visit Krka National Park. And I must say, their recommendations were spot on.

We had a hire car for our holiday (which was so convenient) so we drove approximately an hour outside of Split, Croatia, to Krka. Driving into the park via Lozovac, we were able to get free parking and a shuttle down the mountain to the main part of the park.

At 110 kunas each (approximately Β£13) this included our entrance fee to the park and the free shuttle bus services. I highly recommend taking the buses – we nearly walked and my god, am I glad we didn’t. I don’t think we would have ever made it!

Tips For The Route

When you hop off the shuttle bus there will be two directions of signposts. Both go down to the main waterfall, but here is my recommended route to make the most of your visit…

krka national park

Take the path to the right that heads out onto a wooden bridge snaking through the woodland. You will get to see lots of smaller waterfalls and wildlife (not to mention you will be in the shade for a bit, which is always great in Croatia). Taking this route down gives you the chance to see the other elements of the park and gain a birdseye view of the main waterfall before you head on down to play.

krka national park

The Waterfall

Prepare yourself (and your cameras) because Krka waterfall is truly stunning. Breathtaking, you might say! You will definitely want some shot for the old Instagram.

krka national park

Prior warning, the waters are freezing, but they are so pure you could drink them (although maybe don’t do that…). The waters are pretty shallow, which is great for non-swimmers like me, BUT from step to step the depth can change so one foot wrong and you go from knee height to neck height. So just keep an eye open.

You can only get so close to the waterfall before it is cordoned off to preserve the natural beauty. In the area you can swim in there are lots of rocks to perch on, but they are very slippery. So you know those garish, ugly swimming shoes that you wouldn’t want to be seen dead in? Well, here at Krka I would actually recommend buying some.

krka national park

The rocks are so slippy it is virtually impossible to get through the water without falling and grazing your knees. So maybe buy a pair of those swimming shoes and then throw them away as soon as you’re done. You can buy them on market stalls in the main towns and cities where they’ll probably be cheaper than at Krka itself.

For the brave ones among us (or with waterproof phones), you could attempt to carry your mobile phone out into the water for pictures. But if you are smart and prepared, buy one of those waterproof cases off eBayΒ before you go to keep your phone protected while you take copious selfies and close up shots of the falls.

krka national park

The Views

Once you have finished in the waters and maybe had an ice-cream or two at the shops and restaurants by the waterfall, it’s time to trek back up the hill. The climb is quite steep so I’d recommend wearing trainers for your visit, but if you have sturdy sandals you’ll be fine too.

Make sure to stop at the additional viewpoints on your way up for more birdseye views of the National Park. The best of the views are on the way back up as you look over the long length of the valley. It honestly was the best view I’ve seen in my life so far and pictures don’t do it justice because you can’t fit it all in one picture.

krka national park

krka national park

Just remember, while you’re taking your photos to show your friends and remember the moment, take a second to put down your phone. Gaze out over the landscape with your own eyes, not through the lens of a camera, and take it in. You embed a memory or an image a lot better when there’s emotion attached, and this view really does stir up the old emotions. Just remember to take it all in.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Krka National Park more if you’re visiting Croatia. If you’re staying in or near Split, book a tour and get yourself out there, or hire a car and drive there. It is well worth the short journey and it is definitely a bucket list item to tick off, for sure!



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