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Potting Balls And Downing Cocktails At Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a novelty cocktail. I also love childish games like laser quest, bowling, running around arcades and crazy golf. So combine the two and I am in basic-white-girl heaven.

Junkyard Golf Club Leeds recently opened in The Light, and it’s been on my to-do list ever since it opened. So on Saturday, I dragged a hungover Richard with me for a game on the ‘Gary’ course. I think he was glad that I dragged him there in the end…

As soon as you walk in the door of the Junkyard Golf Club Leeds, it’s clear that this isn’t going to be a kid’s game. You are there to party.

With a bar upon arrival and neon lights as your only light, you’d be forgiven if you mistook yourself for being in a club. Within a few minutes of being in there, I was ready for a night out on the town. The music was pumping and the atmosphere was electric.

The novelty, of course, is the cocktails. They are served in a paper fairground cup, with sweets stuffed in the top. So for those who are great photographers, you are in Instagram heaven. I had the Ribena Turner (a fruity gin concoction) which came with a lollipop and a gummy strawberry (my favourite). Though, every cocktail comes with its own appropriate sweets.

Ribena Turner cocktail at Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

There are three golf courses on offer at Junkyard Gold Club Leeds. They are called Bozo, Gary and Pablo, and they are all different themes. Although they’re all made out of ‘junk’ – duh!

Bozo is a scary clown/fairground theme, Gary is a car scrapyard with a random room full of neon walls and flashing lights (don’t choose this course if you’re epileptic) and Pablo is tropical paradise-inspired. I liked the Gary course, but now I want to go on both of the other ones too. THIS is how they get you to come back…

Having fun at Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

They certainly don’t hold back on the design. The whole place feels casual as if it’s been thrown together like a junkyard, I suppose, but it’s very stylistic and cool. From cars sticking out of walls, to slides to play on, to a neon disco room, the Gary course was really fun to play around.

A car crashed into a wall at Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

Hole 8 at Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

Because the venue has so many picture opportunities, they really are onto a winner with free advertisement. People are able to take as many pictures as they please and the shots are so cool that they’ll be all over social media. Not to mention, there is a free selfie photobooth which you can pile into to make a gif which is then available to share online. (Can you say ‘free promo’?)

Plus, because there are three different courses, you’ll want to come back and try the other ones too. I’m already contemplating a game with the girls for my birthday, on one of the other courses.

When you begin your game, you are given a ball and putt each, along with a score sheet and pencil. Richard and I ended up being neck and neck for the last hole, so as the rules state: ‘the loser buys the drinks’. Sadly, the loser was me by one point! (Boo!)

the loser buys the drinks at Junkyard Golf Club Leeds

Tickets for Junkyard Golf Club Leeds are £9.50 in peak times and £8 off-peak, so it’s not very expensive. Where you will spend your money is on drinks and food, but they’re not badly priced at all. Just standard prices for eating and drinking out.

It’s great that Leeds has something fun on the high street to nip into in the middle of the day or as an addition to a night out. It’s nice to have something fun for adults to do that doesn’t involve shopping or going out actually clubbing. Junkyard Golf Club Leeds is a greatly appreciated addition to Leeds!



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