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I Wish I Was Cool Enough To Have Pink Hair

I have a confession to make…

I have an addiction.

An addiction that consumes my thoughts, fills my head with crazy notions, and makes me excited and want to throw up at the same time.

This addiction is to hair-style accounts on Instagram.

As I sit here in a salon chair, letting my   usual highlights develop, I can’t help but scroll through the endless hair accounts that I follow and pine for the bravery (and the luscious locks) that the models in the perfectly-edited pictures have!

So while I anxiously await the results of a minor change from warm blonde to ash blonde, here is a sample of some of the styles that I could only pull off in my wildest dreams…


I mean, it takes an especially cool kind of person to pull off pink hair!

I’m pretty obsessed with this colour, and while it wouldn’t be hard to go this colour, sadly I don’t have the edginess nor the patience for the upkeep to atain this. One can dream…


This red hair with blonde highlights combination is gorgeous!

As someone who has tended to rock back and forth between hair colours over the years, red hair is still one to tick off the list. So maybe this picture wouldn’t be totally out of reach… But I’d probably have to wait until I had mermaid hair to make it look as magical.


It has recently been a trend, among my peers, to chop off the locks you have been growing since a teenager and swap them for a cool crop, to fully cement yourself into young adulthood.

I see so many amazing new styles; effortlessly cool, and I dream of being just as trendy with a volumous crop of my own.


However, sometimes it is best to pay heed to history and learn from the past!

Unless I fancy having the nickname ‘Wonka’ resurface (as a moron at school used to call me, due to my short bob a la Johnny Depp), maybe I should delay adopting this trend. Some people have the natural volume to effortlessly pull off short hair, sadly I do not.


These stunning baylage/ombre hairstyles are so glamorous, I imagine you’d have to be a rich socialite, out of something like Gossip Girl, to pull these off!


Unfortunately, as an actress, I neither have the funds, the flexibility, nor the hair extensions to make these work. So plain, singular hair colour, that matches my headshots, I must abide by.

I guess I’ll have to embrace my regular hair and just dream of highlights in multicolour!


Stop! I mean, is this real?



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