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A Night Of Prosecco And Christmas Shopping With Harrogate Tribe

It’s exactly a month till Christmas! Well, just under now actually…

So we all know what that means… Cue the mad dash to Boots to buy everyone’s last minute gifts.

Every year I say that I’m going to gradually buy everyone’s gifts gradually so that I don’t leave it last minute and have no money left for partying in December. But alas, that NEVER happens.

So to finish up a pretty rubbish week, I hit up the Harrogate Tribe Indie Shopping Event to get some gift inspiration.

The Everyman Cinema bar was transformed into a festive wonderland with pop up stalls from local businesses to browse. That is, of course, with a complimentary glass of prosecco in hand.

Everyone was really friendly and laid back with no pressure to buy anything. It was also really nice to actually be able to browse the stalls without pushing through crowds of people. Last weekend’s Christmas market in Harrogate, whilst nice and festive, was a bit of a nightmare. It was far too small for the number of people there so it was difficult to look at the stalls properly.

Whereas at this Harrogate Tribe shopping event I was actually able to browse and *shock horror* buy some bits!

Local businesses with stalls included Copper & Blonde, Pure Natural Therapy, Chapter Organics, Infinity & Co Jewellery, It’s The Thought, The Phoenix Lounge, Jarfull, Peonie Cole, Crumple & Co, Calligraphy Harrogate, Westmorland Sheepskins, Bias Harrogate and Giftery Harrogate. – Phew! That was quite a mouthful, and that’s not even including the other companies that I will mention later!

I loved the waste reducing goodies from Jarfull. Sadly, I forgot to return to the stall as it was all the way back at the start… doh!

Since there are so many to mention, I’ll just talk about my favourites…

Infinity & Co Jewellery

I solely intended on looking through the wide selection of jewellery in the hopes of finding something pretty for my mum. Instead, I found something pretty for me!

I don’t really have many day-to-day dainty necklaces so, after much debate, I settled on this simple but gorgeous rose gold necklace. Needless to say, I’ve been wearing it constantly since and have had many compliments on it.

Plus, for only £15 it was an absolute bargain! None of the jewellery was crazy expensive which made it even better as it was more attainable for Christmas gifts for loved ones when you don’t earn a huge pay cheque!

Calligraphy Harrogate

What was great about Calligraphy Harrogate’s stall was that it provided a nice break from just browsing and gave you a chance to try out the product. There’s nothing better than a bit of interactive fun!

I felt like I was a kid again as I traced some beautiful calligraphy and desperately tried to control my shaky hand so it didn’t look like an actual 5-year-old had done it…

Peonie Cole

Peonie Cole specialises in handmade personalised gifts. From Christmas stockings to pencil cases and make-up bags, it was kind of like Cath Kidston but with a personal touch.

The designs are super pretty and girly, making them a perfect gift for your friend…

It’s The Thought

While I didn’t end up buying anything from this stall, I did love all the adorable festive gifts on offer.

Their collection of ‘Santa keys’, reindeer food and yummy goodies for cold winter nights makes them perfect for family and kids gifts. Sadly, there are no kids anywhere in my life at the moment, so alas, no kids to buy gifts for.

It wouldn’t be an event without some alcohol on offer. And no, I’m not just talking about the mulled wine at the bar…

We got to sample some wines from the Yorkshire Heart Vineyard and Brewery and Harewood Gin. You can never go wrong when there are some free alcohol samples on offer…

One of the best moments has to have been watching my best friend drink straight gin, when she’s not a gin-lover. It went straight through her – I hope the guy giving out the samples wasn’t too offended!

On a side note, did anyone know that you can do a vineyard tour in YORKSHIRE?? At Yorkshire Heart Vineyard & Brewery they produce both wines and ales, and you can purchase vineyard tours and tasting sessions. I know what I’m doing next summer…

They also were selling super cute themed bottles of beer with tiny Santa hats on. Sold!

There was a pop-up photobooth by Booth Revolution with a complimentary momento for the night. Instead of just a plain white background, we got a beautiful woodland backdrop with a festive light up ‘Noel’ sign. Having a print out of our pictures was such a nice touch and memory. Plus it was nice to have a photo booth that was open plan and classy rather than cramped and a bit ‘over done’.

A portion of the ticket money was donated to St Michael’s Hospice (a very worthwhile charity). There was also a raffle with all donations going to the same charity.

At £15 a ticket I thought it was a pretty good deal. It included a glass of prosecco, donation to St Michael’s Hospice and a goodie bag filled with lots of cute bits from businesses at the event. These included a snowflake bracelet from Infinity & Co Jewellery, sample bath salts from Pure Natural Therapy, soaps and facial serums and plenty of vouchers. If you also class the photographs from Booth Revolution as part of the ticket then I think you get a good deal for your money.

If there is another Harrogate Tribe event next year I would definitely attend again. It was a relaxed way to do a spot of Christmas shopping with friends. It also obviously feels great to support local businesses.

Shop local!



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