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Harrogate Bloggers Breakfast At The West Park Hotel

On Friday 22nd February I was lucky enough to attend the Harrogate Bloggers Breakfast at the West Park Hotel.

It was my first time getting together with local Harrogate bloggers just for the pure pleasure of socialising, and now I want to do more. I always wondered what people get up to at blogging events, and it turns out that it is predominately just socialising
and supporting each other.

So, what exactly was the Harrogate Bloggers Breakfast?

Since my two hobbies are blogging and brunching, the Harrogate Tribe event was right up my street!

The outside of West Park Hotel in Harrogate

Approximately 20 local bloggers from the Harrogate area came together to get to know each other and mingle over coffee and breakfast. The West Park Hotel kindly hosted us in one of their private function rooms and provided us with a delicious breakfast from their kitchen.

I ordered the smoked salmon benedict because you can never go wrong with that! The serving of smoked salmon was very generous and the poached eggs were cooked to perfection. Not to mention, I made my way through several of their coffees.

Cute finishing touches came in the form of a West Park Hotel ‘Ollie’ the duck, a bunch of daffodils (perfect for this Spring we’re getting early), and a ‘thank you’ card from Harrogate Tribe for attending.

Smoked salmon eggs Benedict at the West Park Hotel

Coffee cup complete with lipstick prints, of course…

I was initially pretty intimidated as there were so many well-established bloggers in the room. But once everybody introduced themselves, I realised that everybody is so different! There were lifestyle bloggers, skincare bloggers, fitness bloggers, mental health bloggers, parenting bloggers and even more. There were bloggers who love taking photographs of the local area and ones who write for businesses rather than their individual blogs. There was such a variety of people and so many to learn from.

Any nerves that I had quickly faded once I got chatting to the lovely bloggers who were there.

We were hoping to get a mini tour of the West Park Hotel but, instead, we remained in the private room chatting and laughing until we had to all jet off.

Always a pleasure seeing Mr Luke Christian.

Cook Kitchen

The manager of Cook Kitchen in Harrogate kindly invited us to pop in after the blogger’s breakfast to try out their food. I’ve never been into Cook Kitchen before, but I was really impressed when I did.

The premise of Cook is that they have a big kitchen where they cook all of their ‘homemade’ meals. They then box them up and freeze them and send them out to their local stores to sell.

The ranges were all split up into separate freezers, which made for very easy picking. There were separate freezers for meals that included chicken, lamb, vegetarian, fish, desserts, family meals etc. There was a different freezer for every range you could imagine. There was even a freezer for meals that were ‘chef’s mistakes’.

Thanks to the separate freezers I was able to whittle down my choices to the fish and vegetarian options. There were so many amazing sounding dishes, such as smoked haddock risotto and bean stew, that I struggled to pick one. I ended up settling on the vegetarian lasagne because on a Friday night, that’s all you want; lasagne, a bath and a glass of wine!

The lasagne was a meal for 2 so my sister and I enjoyed the vegetarian lasagne for our dinner with a side salad. Just 40 minutes in the oven, straight out of the freezer (so no having to remember to defrost it), and we had an easy ‘homemade’ dinner.

The vegetarian lasagne was delicious and a surprisingly generous portion.

I loved that the food was really nice and made with locally sourced produce, but was simple to cook. Sometimes you really can’t be bothered to cook but don’t want to eat a greasy takeaway. The food at Cook Kitchen is a perfect alternative. I’ll definitely be returning.

Harrogate Tribe

The Harrogate Bloggers Breakfast was hosted by the women behind Harrogate Tribe, Victoria (The Harrogate Girl) and Chelsea.

Harrogate Tribe sets up events throughout the year that help to advertise local businesses. Their recent events have included a Hair & Beauty workshop at The Phoenix Lounge in Harrogate and the Indie Christmas Shopping Event, which I attended in November.

Victoria and Chelsea are really lovely and go the extra mile to make the Harrogate Tribe events as fun as possible. Next time you see one advertised, check it out!

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