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Getting Ready To Get Out Of Lockdown

I don’t know about you but I am desperate to get back out and into the world again!

Working from home was all fun and games for the first month, but then the second month hit… and the third… and the inevitable future… and now I am dying to be allowed back out into the world again.

I crave my office and I crave the busy studios that I work in. I miss passing the bars after work and longing for a night out with my friends, and I miss wearing ANYTHING but loungewear.

You would think that I would use this time to work on building my own business or some other master plans, but actually, the main thing I have been working on in lockdown is investing in my skincare routine and preparing my wardrobe for when life resumes and I can paint the town red!

I’ll talk about my new skincare routine in another blog post, but for now, let’s talk about the new additions to my wardrobe for when I can get out in the world again.

Elisha wearing the Evelyn jumpsuit from Femme Luxe

The team at Femme Luxe reached out to me to send me a few of their new jumpsuits and to say I jumped at the chance would be an understatement. I love their clothes and I LOVE a good jumpsuit. Can anyone say ‘all dressed up with minimal effort’?

The beauty of a jumpsuit is that you can look effortlessly stylish and dressed up without having to shave your legs. Winner!

Plus some of them have POCKETS!

The Perfect Jumpsuit From Femme Luxe For A Girly Day Out

Elisha wearing the Yasmin jumpsuit from Femme Luxe

I love this white Yasmin jumpsuit from Femme Luxe! It is the perfect day-time jumpsuit for a spot of shopping and drinks in the sun. Bring on girly weekends again so that I can wear this out in public.

My only suggestion to make it better, as with anything white, is to make sure that you have appropriate underwear. White can often be see-through so make sure you’ve got a pair of little white shorts to go underneath – a white thong won’t cut it!

The Perfect Jumpsuit From Femme Luxe For A Night Out At The Bars

This slinky off-the-shoulder Nicole jumpsuit wasn’t what I would usually go for but I was actually really pleasantly surprised by it. The off the shoulder wrap feels super sassy and the skin-tight silky material feels perfect for a night out where you want to turn heads at the bar.

Elisha wearing the Nicole jumpsuit from Femme Luxe

It may not be an outfit that I would usually choose because I’d feel a bit self-conscious with the tight fit, but the Nicole jumpsuit turned out to be an outfit I’ll definitely enjoy wearing on a big night out after lockdown.

The Perfect Jumpsuit From Femme Luxe For A Special Occasion

My favourite jumpsuit from the Femme Luxe collection is understated but so effective. The Evelyn jumpsuit is simple but it feels super glam! It fits like a dream and is so comfortable that I would be able to throw some shapes on the dance floor without any worries.

Elisha wearing the Evelyn jumpsuit from Femme Luxe

This is an outfit that I can make unique using different accessories each time and will suit most occasions. Fancy events, dinner dates, a wedding after-party, a night on the town, performing in a cabaret (just me?)… you name it, I’ll be wearing it!

So… who wants to make some plans for in a few months time to take these bad boys out for a spin?

This blog post was written in collaboration with Femme Luxe. All jumpsuits were gifted to me. All opinions are my own.