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Tips For Preparing To Get Back To Work After Lockdown

It’s been a long time since a lot of us have been at work. 3 months to be exact and that is a LONG time to be out of our usual routine!

They say that 30 days is enough time to form new habits, so imagine the habits we have got ourselves into during this time at home (especially if you have been furloughed).

Now that more of the UK is starting to re-open, and people are beginning to head back to work after lockdown (likely from the start of July), you too are probably returning to your job soon. To avoid a major shock to the system now is the perfect time to prepare yourself to get back to work after lockdown and set healthier goals for your future.

Here are my tips for getting back to work after lockdown…

Elisha's tips on how to get back to work after lockdown: stop lying in

Stop lying in!

I know this isn’t a popular way to start a blog post, but those lovely lie-ins you’ve been growing accustomed to will cause havoc with your sleep pattern if you don’t start altering your sleep schedule soon.

You’ve likely been going to bed later and waking up later during this time since you’ve had nowhere to go. But once you’re back to the 9 to 5, you’re going to get a shock when you’re having to wake up at 7am to hop on your commute.

It takes a while to set a new sleeping pattern so start winding down earlier on an evening a couple of weeks before you’re due to start back at work. Start setting your alarm to wake you at an earlier time and get yourself used to a new routine. The earlier you start waking up, the earlier you’ll want your bed on an evening so your sleeping pattern will naturally fall into place by the time you’re heading back to work.

Elisha's tips on how to get back to work after lockdown: get moving and exercising again

Move your body!

You may have been using this time in lockdown to get in the best shape of your life, but if you’re like me and have been using it as an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want without caring, you might want to start moving again.

Yes, we’ve all been taking lovely long walks to get our ‘hour of exercise’ each day but it is probably quite different compared to your regular life and exercise plan. If you have a demanding job or are a regular gym-goer, make sure that you are building back up your strength and fitness levels before throwing yourself back into the gym again.

As a dance and drama teacher, I am used to being active every day for my job so my fitness levels were surprisingly good considering I didn’t actively work out very much. But within 3 months at home, my fitness levels have definitely depleted so I will need to start building my tolerance up pronto.

I’ve been doing yoga classes on YouTube with Flo with Zo to ease my body back into stretching and building my strength. But I need to start building my cardio to be able to keep up with the demands of my job.

Think about what your body will need to function easily once you’re back to the demands of normal life. You don’t want to burn yourself out as soon as you go back to work after lockdown.

Elisha's tips on how to get back to work after lockdown: save as much money as you can

Save as much money as you can now!

With nowhere being open, hobbies and clubs being cancelled, membership and subscriptions being paused, and no commuting costs to pay, this has probably been the cheapest few months for you expense-wise in a very long time.

Once life goes back to normal all your expenses will shoot up again so use this last month as your opportunity to save more money for your goals or just for a rainy day.

You’ll be so glad that you did when you see your money chilling in that savings pot!

Elisha's tips on how to get back to work after lockdown: stay safe from covid-19

The pandemic is not over!

Just because we are heading back to work and the shops are opening again does not mean that the pandemic is over. It is still very much here and the government and health professionals are waiting for a second peak to happen. Don’t let your guard down and endanger yourself and other people.

Get yourself a reusable face mask to take everywhere with you and make sure that you are wearing it indoors. Carry hand sanitizer everywhere with you and I would recommend having a pack of antibacterial wipes in your bag so that you can wipe your workspace down at the beginning of your shift and at the end. You’re not overreacting at all. You need to be cautious – we all have to be!

Don’t get back to work only to have to self-isolate and have another 2 weeks off again because you’re poorly. Stay safe and stay cautious both for your own safety and other people. Just because you haven’t had Covid-19 yet doesn’t mean that you can’t still get it…

Elisha's tips on how to get back to work after lockdown: stay positive

Stay safe and good luck going back to work after lockdown! It’s going to be a shock to the system (I know it is going to be for me, even though I’ve been working from home this entire time), but once you’re back into it it will feel as if you’ve never been away. Let’s get back to it!