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My Favourite Murder Podcasts And Why You Should Listen To Them Too

I’ve been wondering why I’ve been having so many weird, stressful dreams recently and I’ve finally realised what the probable cause is… I listen to too many murder podcasts! No wonder my subconscious is messed up…

Every evening when I come in from work I stick on a podcast episode and listen to the host’s voices fill my empty flat with stories about murder and spooky folklores while I cook my dinner and enjoy a glass of wine. While it’s a great pastime, it’s probably not the most reassuring thing to listen to when you’re a young woman who lives alone…

I also have a particular interest in books that are thrillers and it’s the main genre I read. I most recently finished all of Gillian Flynn’s sadistic books and am now onto my second Peter James novel called ‘Not Dead Yet’.


I swear I’m not a psycho or plotting a killing spree, I’ve just always liked to scare myself ever since I was young. OK, so maybe I’m a bit of weirdo then…

I only started listening to my first podcast back in July when I moved into my flat and I became obsessed and now podcasts are life! So if you’ve been meaning to start listening to murder podcasts then here are my top 3 recommendations for you in the ‘thriller stakes’. They’re in order of ease so you can work your way up to the scary stuff steadily if you want, or go all in.

Here are my top 3 murder podcasts…

Level One: My Favorite Murder


‘My Favorite Murder’ is a podcast that I’ve recently started listening to, since getting the recommendation while I was in New York, and I love it!

It is hosted by two friends, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who live in L.A and the general premise is that they get together and discuss life stuff and then get into the nitty-gritty of talking about murders.

It is a comedy podcast so it’s not intense by any means, although obviously, the stories they’re talking about are awful. The pair’s back and forth chatter is hilarious and the podcast looks at scary stuff without taking itself too seriously. It’s a great way of opening your mind to murder stories without freaking yourself out.


Sometimes they read out listener’s local murder stories too if they’re sent in by email and they’re currently doing a world tour (it is that popular!). They are coming to Leeds at some point and I’m really tempted to book tickets to see them in action…

New episodes come out every Thursday and you don’t need to listen chronologically so just pick random episodes and enjoy!


Level Two: Up and Vanished


‘Up and Vanished’ was the first ever podcast I listened to and I was hooked from the start.

While it creeped me out at times to listen to by myself, I eventually got so pulled in to the drama that I didn’t have time to be spooked because I needed to solve the case for myself.

‘Up and Vanished’ is hosted by Payne Lindsey, a filmmaker from Tenderfoot TV in Atlanta. Payne was looking for a case to re-open, (kind of like what I imagine the infamous ‘Serial’ podcast is like), and he came across the case of Tara Grinstead.

Tara was a 30-odd-year-old ex-beauty queen from Georgia who went missing over 10 years ago. There was never any evidence found, or anyone arrested as a potential attacker. Her disappearance was pretty much brushed under the carpet and no attempts were made to figure out what happened… until Payne came along.


The series follows Payne as he looks back over the evidence from the case back in 2005, interviews locals and anyone who may have any form of implication in the case, and set out to solve the case. Spoiler alert: shit does get uncovered!

I’d listen to this one chronologically otherwise you’ll miss important information and you want it all! It is a brilliant series and I was desperate for answers up until the very last episode. Be prepared for this to be all you talk about for a couple of months…


Level Three: Lore


‘Lore’ is a more recent podcast I’ve started listening to and I only listen to it every now and then because it can be so creepy.

It is hosted by Aaron Mahnke (another American) and every episode is about a different tale from folklore. He covers things as general as the stories that werewolves originate from to asylums back in the day, to haunted Irish manors and possessed nuns. The range of stories is great… and terrifying at times.

The series has done so well that it now has a television series, soon to be aired, inspired by the podcast. The episodes range from 20 minutes to half an hour so they’re pretty swift for your morning commutes… when it’s daylight and you feel safe.

Because every episode is different, feel free to select episodes at random.



So there are my top 3 murder podcasts that I recommend to you…

If you listen to any kick-ass podcasts then I’d love to hear what they are so I can check them out. Also, I’d love to hear what comedy podcasts you listen to because a girl’s gotta have a bit of light in her life every now and then to chase the bad dreams away…





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