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EVENT | A Night With Pandora Zodiac Collection

Being locked up indoors for weeks on end is enough to drive you crazy. All I’m dreaming about is being able to go out again and mingle with my friends, meet new people, wear nice clothes and enjoy good drinks and food in bars. So I’m reminiscing on the last time that I went out before lockdown happened to view the new Pandora Zodiac collection.

I recently attended an event in Leeds hosted by Pandora, to advertise their new Pandora Zodiac and Birthstone charm collection.

Pandora Zodiac charm collection with necklaces

Anybody who knows me knows that I love the Zodiac and Star signs and I am a big believer in the stars and moon influencing your life and the energies that flow through your life at certain times. So when I was invited to come along to this event I was delighted.

Elisha Blogs celebrating the Pandora Zodiac charm collection

Not to mention the new charm collection at Pandora is stunning. There is a symbol for each of the zodiac signs alongside charms with your month’s birthstone, all of which can be added to bracelets or necklaces. I’m a proud Sagittarius and was born in December, so I love my new Pandora charms to signify my birth.

All the charms from the Pandora Zodiac charm collection

I brought along my sister with me, who is also a Sagittarius and was born in December. In fact, our birthdays are one day apart, so you can imagine how similar we are.

The Pandora Zodiac charm collection with bracelets

The event, hosted at the Lost and Found in Leeds, was a lovely intimate affair. I got the chance to speak to the lovely team from Pandora, some fellow bloggers, and my sister and I enjoyed some lovely food and drinks, had an astrology reading, and had fun taking photos with the photobooth (even though it took us a while to figure out how to get the good lighting…).

But obviously, the cherry on the top of the evening was receiving a gorgeous Pandora bracelet with my Zodiac and Birthstone charms. I was not expecting such a lovely gift and I am truly in love with the gift!

Elisha wearing her gifted bracelet from the Pandora Zodiac charm collection event

Aside from the gorgeous Pandora bracelet (which is my first one ever!), it wasn’t the only thing I took away from the night.

We had our astrology readings by Francesca Oddie Astrology. She asked for my date of birth and time of birth and let the stars do the rest of the talking.

It was so interesting to find out what the stars in my birth date and time foretell about my personality and the path of my life.

When Francesca Oddie did my reading, she said that my ‘Saturn return’ was due in April. She said that this would be a time of a commitment ending and a time for me to reflect on my life. Well, she couldn’t have been more right about that. Apparently, my ‘Saturn return’ will continue until around June so this will be a time of figuring out a lot about myself and my life and what I want. Funny how it has aligned with bloomin’ lockdown and I have plenty of time to think about things. Let’s hope that this ‘Saturn return’ will bring lots of great things!

The Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn comes back to meet your natal Saturn. It takes about 29.5 years for this slow-mover to return to where it was when you were born. The Saturn return hits in the late 20s and its impact is felt into the early 30s.

My sister had her astrology reading too and while our stars were similar because our birthdays are only a day apart, there were also a lot of differences and Francesca accurately described my sister’s personality based on the stars. She also said that my sister and I are ‘soul mates’ and we have met before in several past lives; we keep finding each other. Which I thought was very cute!

It felt so good to get out for the evening. I feel like I very rarely get to go out and have a nice girly night, so this was much needed. And thank goodness it happened before we went into lockdown!

Let’s hope that the stars have something happy in store for all of us soon.

For now, while I go through my anxiety-inducing ‘Saturn return’, I shall be holding my Pandora Zodiac and Birthstone charms close to remind myself that as a Sagittarius I am adventurous and adaptable to whatever life throws at me and that as the planets pass through the sky to come full circle, so will we. Everything will work out as the stars align.

This was a gifted experience with Pandora.