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Celebrating Eurovision With Sarah Barrow Make Up

I’ve never had my make-up done before. I’m a person who just throws generic make up on my face and heads out (aint nobody got time for contouring). But when make-up artist, Sarah Barrow, offered to do my make-up for me, I jumped at the chance.

Having worked in London as a make-up artist, and now working at BeBaBo hair salon in Harrogate, Sarah has had plenty of experience dolling people up for special events. While most people who have their make-up done are usually going to a wedding, hence looking for something on the subtle side, I don’t do things in halves. Especially when it comes to Eurovision!

Anyone who knows me (and knows that I love musical theatre), knows that I love a good cheesey night of questionable music accompanied by the maddest production value you’ve seen. After all, my two favourite acts of this year’s competition were Israel and Moldova – questionably the most camp performances out of all 43 countries.

Moldova’s Eurovision 2018 performance was ragingly good fun!

In honour of Eurovision, the whacky theatrical event, I wanted to emanate the performers in the competition with their ‘out their’ looks, but also not look like a drag queen. Thank goodness Sarah Barrow Make Up was on hand to work her magic!

Sarah said that most people claim that they find having their make up done really relaxing, but I couldn’t see how it could be too relaxing when you’re sat up right in a chair while someone puts a brush near your eye. But I actually discovered there is something therapeutic about someone touching your face with a make up sponge.

I guess it’s kind of like when someone strokes your head; it’s really calming. Or is that just me channeling the dog I was in a past life?

Anyway, I found my thoughts and nerves washing away as Sarah got to work on my face. I never like to look in the mirror half way through a treatment, like getting my hair done, because I worry I’ll freak out if I see something incomplete that I don’t like. So I left my entire look in her very capable hands.

Sarah Barrow Make Up

I didn’t really ask for anything specific, other than mentioning that I was celebrating Eurovision so maybe a bit of smokey eye would be nice. So I left everything up to her. This would usually fill me with anxiety that I would walk away looking far from what I wanted, but I felt very safe with Sarah. She has so much experience and she does her own make up beautifully, so anyone who can do their own make up well knows what works for other people too.

When it came to the moment of truth, swivelling around in my chair to face the mirror, I couldn’t get over how great my skin looked. As someone who uses bog-standard matte foundation, I looked so much more glamorous with a glow to my skin.

Sarah Barrow Make Up

Sarah had expertly blended my face so that I glowed without looking caked up with make up. Not to mention my eyebrows have never looked so good and my eye shadow has never been so perfectly blended. She used a blue eye shadow to add a pop of colour to my smokey eye and I have never even considered using blue eyeshadow before. Cos ya know, hazel eyes don’t typically go with blue eye shadow.

Sarah Barrow Make Up

While you often don’t think about having your make up done unless it’s your own wedding, it is such a nice treat for yourself. It takes the hassle out of stressing over, and doing your make up yourself, and it gives you a fresh look that people positively comment on. After all, think about how beautiful brides look on their special day after some time with a make up artist. So imagine what could happen if you went out on the pull after a session with a professional.

Charging just £30 for occasion make up, Sarah Barrow offers a great service. She works in salon and out of salon, so she could even come to your house to prep you for a special event. Or you could pair her make up services with a blow-dry in the BeBaBo salon to make you feel like a million dollars.

Sarah Barrow Make Up

In case you were wondering, my night turned out great. My favourite Eurovision act won (Israel), a drag queen said that my dance moves were “fabulous”, I spoke to myself in a mirror before realising it was my own reflection, and despite all this, my make up stayed on all night. Now that’s where you truly get your monies worth!

Sarah Barrow Make Up is £30 for occasion make up and upon consultation for brides. Blowdries at BeBaBo Hair Salon start at £25. This post was sponsored by Sarah Barrow MakeUp Artist.



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