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The Best Places To Eat Out To Help Out in Harrogate

I keep joking that I alone am keeping the Harrogate economy alive from all my eating out recently, and while that obviously isn’t true, I’ve definitely been contributing to it.

This month of August, thanks to Bozza and his ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ incentive scheme I have been filling my boots with good food and eating out as much as possible. It has been a great opportunity for me to try new places that I haven’t been before and add them to my list of ‘places to go’.

So, with just over a week left of August, here are some mini-reviews of the restaurants I have visited and my verdicts of whether they are worth visiting to ‘eat out to help out’ in Harrogate.

Where I have visited to ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ in Harrogate…

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, Grantley Hall
This photo was taken at a press event at Grantley Hall’s Pan Asian restaurant, EightyEight, who may be taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme too. But check before you book!

Domo Japanese Cuisine

Technically I visited Domo Japanese Cuisine just before the scheme started so I didn’t get the bargain pricing, however, I had such a great meal that I simply had to add it to this list because it is on the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ list.

I had vegetarian gyoza and a number of sushi platters, and they all tasted awesome! If you’re into your sushi then I highly recommend. They have a massive menu with all sorts of Japanese cuisine on it so if sushi isn’t your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

I was able to eat outside so it felt super safe and the waitress wore a face mask whilst serving us.

Verdict: If you like Japanese food, go, go, go!

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, Papas Meditteranean
Greek tapas at Papas Meditteranean

Papas Meditteranean

As you can imagine, everywhere is PACKED at the moment so if you haven’t booked in advance you are likely going to struggle to get in anywhere. A fact that I discovered as I panicked and tried to make a last-minute booking for a catch up with my friend – I called almost everywhere in Harrogate to try book a table and couldn’t get in anywhere until the earliest 9.15pm.

Thankfully, Papas Meditteranean came to the rescue! They don’t take bookings (zippadeedoodah!) so we were able to rock up, walk straight in and get a table.

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, Papas Meditteranean

The food was right up my street! Greek tapas and good wine (the waiter pushed on us the Greek white wine instead of the house but to be fair, after a taste test, I did agree that it was the best one on the menu). The menu had so many dishes to choose from that we found it extremely hard to just choose a handful for us to share. The vegetarian menu was huge and there were lots of fish options too so the menu felt really inclusive (a fresh change).

Verdict: The tables weren’t super spread out so if you’re still feeling edgy about keeping a distance from people I’d sit outside on the terrace. But the food was amazing, the atmosphere was idyllic, and it cost us £13 each for 4 sharing dishes, desserts each and a glass of wine each – winner!

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, Vivido Italian
Pasta at Vivido Italian taken by @harrogatefood on Instagram – check out their page for Harrogate food porn!

Vivido Italian

I think I’ve actually discovered that I’m not a big Italian food fan (shock, horror!). I’m not big into pasta and I have pizza once every week anyway so eating out at an Italian just feels like eating in at home for me…

That being said, Vivido was very nice. The portion sizes were really good and the food did taste really delicious. Plus 2 courses and a beer were £14 on the scheme so you can’t go wrong!

The tables are all nicely spread out and the staff are really thorough and check on you plenty to ensure everything is alright with your food. A very nice place to go if you like Italian food (which apparently I don’t anymore LOL).

Verdict: Spaced out tables, friendly staff, lovely big portions!

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, The Guy Fawkes Arms

The Guy Fawkes Arms

My friend and I went to The Guy Fawkes Arms on the first week of the scheme so I didn’t know just how much money would come off the bill. Because the food is already expensive there, it didn’t actually make that huge a difference with the billin comparison to other places I have been.

Our bill for 2 of us to have 2 courses each and 2 drinks each came to over £50, which I kind of expect on a normal meal out anyway. My meals out since on the scheme have been significantly cheaper so if you’re looking to really save money, I’d recommend eating somewhere else.

That being said, the food was nice and the staff were friendly and took good precautions to keep distance and keep us separate from other customers. I wish that the menu had more options for vegetarians/pescetarians as there was only one starter I could have and two choices of main – fish and chips or a five onion risotto. I can’t say I’ll be rushing back personally, but the place was nice so I wouldn’t say ‘don’t go’, just… I won’t go again.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a cheap meal out with the discount scheme then probably go elsewhere. But still a very nice place nonetheless.

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, The Tiger Inn

The Tiger Inn

The Tiger Inn at Coneythorpe has always been one of my go-to’s for quality pub food and they are taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme offering 3-courses for just £10!!

The food is always great every time I go (and I’ve been a lot over the year) and the portion sizes are good too. Definite quality for your money, and actually in my opion, an absolute steal!

Verdict: You’d be crazy to not make the most of this offer while it’s going!

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, The Tiger Inn

The Park

In a moment of blind hunger, I agreed to go out for dinner with my siblings to The Park. It was the only place that they could book a table short notice because everywhere else was booked up. Maybe that should have been a sign…

I mean, I know you get what you expect when you go to a pub chain restaurant attached to a Premier Inn, but… yeah… I wouldn’t particularly recommend it.

Our table was dirty when we sat at it, so clearly deep cleaning procedures were not in place to protect against Covid since they hadn’t even wiped the table. The food was what you expect… not the best.

Verdict: If you can’t get a reservation anywhere you actually want to go, maybe just stay in and order a takeaway instead.

Eat Out to Help Out in Harrogate, Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant
This incredible takeaway spread is from Gino D’Acampo My Restaurant in Harrogate from their GINO2GO menu and it was all amazing! Takeaways have been taken to a whole new level! #previouslygifted (Ginos are also taking part in the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme in Harrogate.

I could talk about so many other places to eat in Harrogate that I’ve been to, but I figured I would stick to the ones that I have eaten at in the past month on Bozza’s scheme.

For a list of all the local Harrogate eateries taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, head over to The Harrogate Girl’s blog for the full list. It has helped me choose places so much recently!

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