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The Best Spots For Date Night Drinks In Leeds

Date night. We all have it at some point in our lives. Whether it is a scheduled weekly event with your long-term partner or you’ve started seeing someone, it inevitably comes around.

I’m sure we can all agree that picking a venue for a date night is always a pain. Deciding on a nice location that is reasonably priced that isn’t going to be an awkward atmosphere is hard to manoeuvre.

The place we pick says a lot about us. If you go to a pub then you’re laid back, if you go to a fancy bar then you like the finer things in life, if you go to Wetherspoons then you are skint until the end of the month.

So I’ve compiled this list of my favourite spots for date night drinks in Leeds. (We’ll get to food joints another time…) Whether it is a first date where you’re trying to make a good impression, or with your partner and you just want a nice night out together.

My favourite spots for date night drinks in Leeds…

Date night drinks in Leeds at The Domino Club, Leeds

The Domino Club, Grand Arcade

Love a good novelty? Well, this secret bar is a hotspot in Leeds.

Head through the back door of a barber shop in the Grand Arcade and down some stairs into an underground jazz club.

You’ll enjoy live music and sophisticated cocktails as you lounge in a booth, or sit on a stool by the bar feeling like the 1920’s god/goddess you are.

Date night drinks in Leeds at Sky Lounge Leeds

Sky Lounge Bar, Granary Wharf

Want a drink with a view? Then the Sky Lounge Bar above the Hilton hotel is the place to go!

You’ll feel like a VIP as you sit in the lap of luxury, looking out over Leeds’ skyline. With velvet chairs and chandeliers hanging over your head, this is definitely the place to go if you are having a ‘fancy night out’.

You know what I mean by a ‘fancy night out’… like you put a dress on.

Date night drinks in Leeds at The Alchemist Trinity, Leeds

The Alchemist, Trinity

Bubbling cocktails and colour-changing concotions – who doesn’t love that?

For the coolest cocktails in Leeds head to The Alchemist. With low lighting and gold iron decor, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a really swanky laboratory.

Depending on what cocktail you order, they can get pricey but there are some fun ones that are the standard price of a cocktail anywhere else you go. With a large cocktail menu to choose from, you’ll struggle not to find a drink you will both like.

On a warmer day, there is a balcony that is the perfect spot to enjoy afternoon drinks on a weekend. After all, not everybody waits til night to ‘set alight’.

Date night drinks in Leeds at Cuckoo, Leeds

Cuckoo, Call Lane

Do you like pizza? Do you like alcohol? Do you like bright, multicoloured decor that makes you feel like you’re in a fairground? Then Cuckoo is your spot.

Every alcoholic drink comes with a free mini pizza. Ummmm, say what?

And they’re good ones too! You can choose from a menu of pizza toppings and then wait with your drinks at your table until your buzzer goes off. The pizzas are cooked in a stone oven so they’re the good stuff!

Such a great touch AND, if you’re skint towards the end of the month, then you’re basically getting a free meal with your drinks. WINNER!

Date night drinks in Leeds at Lost & Found Leeds Club

The Lost And Found Leeds Club, Albion Place

A bar with a glittering tree in the middle? OK!

You may be forgiven for mistaking The Lost And Found Leeds Club for a hotel when you first walk in. It is huge! With a front desk and several rooms to walk around, and giant staircases to pose on for pictures (obviously), I initially thought I was in the wrong place when I first went in. But once I saw the large, beautiful bar with the Instagram-worthy tree in the middle, I knew we were in the perfect place for after-work nibbles and drinks.

This huge bar has the biggest, coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen. I can’t speak for the men’s, but the ladies’ has a huge powder room with desks to sit at to reapply your makeup and giant old-Victorian toilet stalls. The bathrooms alone are worth the visit. (And no, I’m not suggesting you ‘explore’ those bathrooms on your date night… but, boy, would that be a good story!)

Date night drinks in Leeds at The Botanist

Date night drinks in Leeds at The Botanist

The Botanist, Boar Lane

Live music, a cocktail menu and beers coming out of your ears, and awesome food in a rustic setting. The Botanist is one of my favourite places in Leeds for a reason.

There is always live music and it is always packed (a sign of a good bar). The drinks menu is huge so you will have no problem finding plenty to drink as you dance to the music or snuggle up away in a corner.

The food is always amazing; their speciality is their skewers. Whether you are a meat-eater, a veggie or a dessert-lover, there is a skewer to suit everyone. While this list is predominately about drink locations, I would always recommend eating at The Botanist if you can.

So there’s my list of my favourite spots for date night drinks in Leeds. I hope you enjoy these super gorgeous Leeds bars. Life can be pretty mundane at times, so from time to time it’s nice to treat yourself… or let someone treat you!

Happy dating!



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