Christmas Gift Ideas For 2016

November 28, 2016

It’s the age old problem at Christmas… what to get people for gifts?

Some people are easy and know exactly what they want, but if they’re like my family and they don’t know, it is left totally in your hands to pick something for them.

So while I struggle to pre-order Christmas presents to send back home before the month of November is over (I’m heading off to the cruise ship, so wont have good internet access for most of December!), here are some ideas for you to peruse for your loved ones, if you’re struggling for inspiration this year.

Oh, and I decided to separate the gifts ideas into categories based on personalities, because not all girls like pink and not all boys like video games…

The Tech-Lover

1.If you have the money and are looking for something really special as a gift, then the latest Beats by Dr Dre, wireless headphones, are a great bet! There are lots of different colours and styles, and they are useful for when you’re on the go, and if you have the latest iPhone 7 without the headphone port. You’re looking upward of £200 though, so you better really like the person you’re buying them for…

2. If you’re on more of a budget, then why not get something to spruce up the technology they already have? You can buy keyboard covers and stickers for the back of laptop screens for pretty cheap, and they’ll make their device feel like-new. This cool marble effect is from Urban Outfitters.

3. One of the coolest things I bought my brother once was a small, portable bluetooth speaker. They are handy because they can be taken anywhere, and they can cost as little or as much as you want. You can find a wide variety, like this little ‘nut’ speaker, on Amazon.

4. You can now buy printers to attach to your mobile and print off polaroid-size photos of your favourite snaps. AHHHH-MAZING! Fairly expensive at over £100, but totally worth it! I found this one at Urban Outfitters.

5. We all have that friend who never has their phone charged. Buy them a Mophie stick and ensure they can never miss your call again. It’s a portable charger that can be used to charge most devices so long as they have a USB port. You can also buy those re-chargable phone cases from the same brand too, so plenty of styles to choose from.

6. If you just want a fun, jokey present, why not get them a tiny arcade game. I mean, just how cute?! You can get them from many different websites, so google the kind you’re looking for and get shopping!


The Girly Girl


1.We’ve all seen the videos on Facebook advertising the new ‘perfect selfie-light’ phone cases. If you have a friend or sibling who is constantly taking selfies, this should be top of your list for their Christmas present, this year. You can buy them for around the £40 mark on the likes of Amazon, Lumee and Urban Outfitters website.

2. If you’re on a bigger budget and want to buy something unique, vinyl record players are beautiful and retro, and not too expensive really! You can buy them from the likes of HMV and Urban Outfitters (gosh, you’d think I was sponsored by Urban Outfitters at this point…). You could also get them their first record to play on it too, of their favourite band or album.

3. Make-up bags are always a good bet for someone who loves their makeup – we’re always accumulating more and more so we need somewhere to store it. If you’re on a budget, Primark always has a lot to choose from, or if you have a little more money to spare, you could get something from the likes of Ted Baker, like this cute puppy wash bag!

4. If in doubt, Pandora is usually a good shout! Head for the rings and ear-rings though, rather than the bracelet charms. They have so many pretty pieces that are mostly around the £50 mark, making them the perfect, special gift.

5. I have a current obsession with Kate Spade, so it was only natural I’d end up mentioning it in this blog. Aside from beautiful (but very expensive) handbags, they have a gorgeous jewellery range. You could go for a stylish watch, like above, for a heftier price tag, or get something as simple as their dazzling ear-rings for as little as £40.

6. Not all of us have the time, or patience, to properly contour before a night out, so this Contour Kit from Smashbox is a must-have for the holiday season! I can vouch that it is easy to use, with instructions inside on how to gain the contour-effect, and it is cheaper to buy for £30 than all of the different make up elements you would need for a full-on contour. Win!

The Adventurer


1.If your friend/sibling is heading out on a travelling adventure in the New Year, then why not get them started with a large travelling backpack. You can buy them from the likes of North Face, or any other outdoor activities stores. If possible try get them within the ‘cabin allowance’ guidelines so they don’t have to check their bag. These are generally around the £100 mark.

2. We’ve all got that friend who takes their Go Pro everywhere with them… So why not step it up a notch and buy them a Go Pro Front Mount for more ‘hands- on’ explorations. These can be attached to helmets, or just strapped around the head, to get better hands-free views. Find some for as little as £20 on Amazon.

3. For something small and sentimental, a St Christopher charm is a nice touch for someone who likes to travel. St Christopher is the patron saint of travelers in the Christian faith, so his symbol on an item of jewellery, or a key chain, is a subtle way of wishing safe travels upon that person. You can buy one for as little or as much as you want online, or in many jewellers, such as H Samuel.

4. For someone who may have settled down into a new home, but dreams of, or has done a lot of travelling, you could treat them to a canvas or a poster to hang on their wall to remind them of their adventures. Etsy has a wide range of beautiful and unique paintings and posters to choose from.

5. Has someone you know got a trip coming up to somewhere exciting? Then why not get them a journal to record all their amazing experiences in! You can have many books specially designed and tailored to them if you look around. Paperchase has an easy design service online.

6. I don’t tend to like to gift experiences to people for Christmas, but if the thing you know they’d really like is to do a certain activity, then why don’t you just purchase it for them. Be it that sky dive they’ve been talking about for years, or a day trip to a Go Ape site, or even an hours play at the local Paintballing course, most of the time the best things we can do for people is provide them with experiences. We remember experiences long after we remember material objects.

The Book Reader

1.A fun mug with some sort of quote, sassy notion, or pretty designs can always go down a treat with a book lover. It’s always nice to have a new mug to drink your tea from while cozy-ing up with a book. I found this mug on

2. Scribbelicious is the name of the cool website that is a book lover’s heaven! From jewellery, to brooches, to mugs, to bookmarks, coasters and even classic pieces of literature, there are so many beautiful gift ideas. All of them are inscribed with different quotes from well-known pieces of literature. So pick the most relevant one to your recipient and get searching!

3. I bought myself some reading socks the other week and I am obsessed with them! A great little gift (that can be christmas themed, like above), to keep their feet warm while they snuggle up for some downtime. Also a good alternative for slippers, if slippers aren’t their thing! This specific pair were on Indigo website, but you can find these in most clothing stores at the moment.

4. If your target audience is a teenager, why not set them up with the start of the Divergent book series. It’s part of a trilogy, so if you’re feeling really nice you could buy all three (plus Insurgent and Allegiant). Set in a Dystopian future, these books are full of romance, gore, and lots of twists and turns. The books are great, just don’t tell them about the films… (The films are terrible – I’m mad about it.)

5. If your target audience is slightly older, the George Orwell classic 1984 is a must for all Dystopian book lovers. And Dystopian novels are ‘in’ at the moment, didn’t you know. It may be worth subtly finding out if they’ve already read this book as its been around for a long time, but if not, this is a classic book that everyone should read at some point.

6. If you know they have a little ‘reading-nook’ or a general spot where they like to read, you could buy them a lovely, comfy cushion to add to their area. The more personal you make it, the more special it will feel in their space. You can buy nice cushions from every homestore going – Matalan in particular have lots of budget cushions that are gorgeous!


I hope this post has given you some ideas for presents this year, if you were stuck, or at least inspired you to think of something similar!

Happy Christmas shopping!

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