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My Christmas Gift Guide With Infinity & Co Jewellery

Buying Christmas presents every year can be difficult. It’s especially difficult when the person you’re buying for doesn’t give you any clues what they would like.

I have to admit, I am totally guilty of doing that. This year, everyone has asked me what I would like for Christmas and my answer has pretty much been “I don’t know, I don’t really need anything.” (Besides money, but don’t we all…)

But when I’m not giving any good ideas, or receiving any inspiration, I know that there is one gift that always goes down a treat. And that is jewellery!

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a bit of jewellery. It looks luxurious and it feels heartfelt. Jewellery signifies that somebody has been thinking about you and treasures you.

But the best bit is that jewellery nowadays doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily find beautiful pieces for budget prices. Long gone are the days of spending thousands of pounds on diamond necklaces…

When I went to the Harrogate Indie Shopping Event a few weeks ago, I came across the stall for Infinity & Co Jewellery. They are a Harrogate-based jewellers with an online shop and an abundance of gorgeous jewellery pieces. Everything on the stall was very reasonably priced and I struggled to pick just one to treat myself to.

I ended up getting this one…

I treated myself to the Erica Pendant in rose gold, RRP £28

Infinity & Co Jewellery kindly sent me some pieces to try out in time for Christmas. And now I get to pass on my recommendations to you! Plus, I’ve got a cheeky 20% discount code for you to use over on their website.

Use ELISHA20 at checkout to save on your Christmas gifts. Who needs to wait for the January sales nowadays?

For the most important woman in your life

Whether that be your girlfriend, your wife, your mama, or your grandma, earrings are always a great shout.

Pretty much every woman has their ears pierced, and a beautiful pair of ear-rings completely transform an outfit. I know that I, for one, can’t go out to an event without some dangly earrings on. Which is why these stunning Lexi earrings in rose gold are my favourite from the range.

Lexi earrings in rose gold from Infinity & Co Jewellery

The Lexi earrings are a perfect gift for your loved one.

They are simple, yet eye-catching. With minimal bling, they are a classy choice for your loved one. They appeal to both the woman who likes simple jewellery and the glamour queen who loves a bit of bling.

At £39 (not including my 20% discount offer) they’re a perfect treat for your loved one.

For your best friend

At Christmas time you want to show your friends that you care. Although we all know that the cost of presents can get a bit much when we start buying for every single friend.

So picking something special for your best friend every now and then is a great example of your appreciation of their friendship.

Necklaces for your best friends – LXI Double Heart pendant & LXI Daisy pendant

My best friend actually got me a necklace from Infinity & Co for my birthday and it made me cry after going through a rough period. I received the LXI Double Heart Pendant and it comes with a beautiful phrase that couldn’t be more true and meaningful.

Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier.

General trinkets are nice enough, but meaningful gifts that you will keep forever are SO much better.

There are a number of different jewellery pieces for your friends, but my favourites have to be from the ‘Just to say…’ range. They each come with a sweet phrase so that the jewellery does the talking so you don’t have to. With prices starting at £18 you can’t go wrong!

Just to say… friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.

For your Secret Santa

Raise your hand if Secret Santa fills you with dread. *raises hand*

You never know what to get the person you’ve got. You probably don’t even know them very well outside of work…

So the best thing you can do is get them something festive and nice, that won’t be thrown in the bin as soon as your back is turned.

This festive gift set is the perfect gift idea for the friend that you’re still trying to figure out. Complete with a necklace, bracelet and both stud and dangly earrings, you avoid the risk of them not wearing it. It’s pretty much guaranteed that they will wear at least one of the pieces.

I’m not much of a ‘bracelet girl’ (mainly because I can never fasten the clasp myself) but I always wear necklaces and earrings. Plus, when you’ve got a collection as pretty as this, you’d end up wearing them every festive season.

Or if you want something smaller and simpler, the adorable LXI Snowflake bracelets from the ‘just to say’ range are perfect. They are tiny but super cute. Plus, with a phrase like “a snowflake is a winter’s butterfly”, how can someone not like that?

Prices start at £18, but that’s not including the 20% discount I have for you…

‘A snowflake is a winter’s butterfly’

For a stocking filler

Stocking fillers don’t just have to be tubes of smarties and mini compact mirrors. (Is it just me, or did anyone else used to get that combination most years?)

You can put nice gifts in the stockings as a teaser for all the rest of the awesome presents still to come. The ‘Just to say’ range is obviously perfect for this.

They are compact, so they can easily slide inside a stocking without a problem. Not to mention, there are so many different types to choose from so you can personalise them to your gift receiver’s taste or personality.

I love this ‘girls just want to have sun‘ necklace. Mainly because it reminds me a bit of the ‘flower of gold’ in Disney’s ‘Tangled’, but it’s also going to look awesome accompanying all of my holiday clothes.

LXI Sun Pendant, RRP £18

That’s right, jewellery isn’t just for fancy occasions, it’s worn every day too. That’s why it’s always a great choice for gifts.

There are so many beautiful pieces on the Infinity & Co jewellery website. It’s almost impossible to choose something! But hopefully, this gift guide has given you some inspiration for your loved ones this festive season. Or perhaps has given you an excuse to treat yourself to something pretty in the new year.

Visit the Infinity & Co Jewellery website to browse the gorgeous range. Be sure to use code ELISHA20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. Offer valid until the 31st January 2019.

This post is written in collaboration with Infinity & Co Jewellery. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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