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Christmas Gift Guide For People Who Love The Theatre

Christmas gift guide elisha blogs

Tis the season once again! Raise your hand if you haven’t even started your Christmas present shopping yet… *raises hand*

I always leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute, but I refuse to buy any Christmas presents before my birthday has passed in early December…

So, if like me, you struggle to choose Christmas presents for the people you know then I have written a few little blog posts to try make your life a bit easier this year.

This one is for the theatre lovers out there!

So, if you’ve got a family member or friend who is a theatre nerd (like me) then here are my recommendations for Christmas gifts that they will actually enjoy and use…

For The One Who Wants To Be On A Soap Opera

The following entry is a gifted item, however, I have not been paid to advertise this experience.

Let’s be real, if you grew up in Yorkshire, you grew up watching Emmerdale. After all, it’s a soap opera that is filmed literally on our doorstep, you can guarantee that you have met one of the cast members at some point in your life, and it is full of good ole Yorkshire charm… and drama!

So, ‘step into the drama’ this festive season by treating a loved one to a dining experience in ‘The Woolpack’. At the Emmerdale Studio Experience, they now offer experiences for you to enjoy either afternoon tea or bubbles and brunch in the famous ‘Woolpack’ pub. (Subject to filming requirements of course…)

emmerdale studio experience gift for theatre lovers

I prefer experiences to actual objects for presents and this is an experience that will be a great novelty for your ‘soap loving’ friend and if you’re lucky, they may just bring you along as their plus one too!

Vouchers for the afternoon tea experience are £19.50 for two people, and vouchers for brunch and bubbles are £29.50 for two people. Buy your gift vouchers on the Emmerdale Studio Experience website here.

gifts for theatre lovers emmerdale studio experience

For The One Who ‘Knows Everything’ About The Industry

If you are a theatre lover and on Twitter, then surely you follow West End Producer. If you don’t then, you are missing a trick!

West End Producer is a comedy account for a ‘character’ who is now semi-famous in London’s West End. He writes a column for The Stage newspaper and has written and published two books.

I have bought both books in the past and they are hilarious!

‘Everything you’ve always wanted to know about acting (but were afraid to ask, dear)’ is perfect for someone who is at drama school, has been to drama school or is intending to go to drama school. It is hilarious for those who can relate to all of the stories and is an important education for anyone about to embark on the journey.

‘Everything you’ve always wanted to know about theatre (but were too sloshed to ask, dear)’ is the second book that is equally as funny, but is more open to anyone who generally loves the theatre and attends regularly.

The books are quick-witted, hilarious and easy to read, so are a great gift for anyone who love a good laugh and love the theatre. Buy the books on Amazon or in any good book shop.

elisha reading West End Producers book

For The One Constantly Going To The Theatre

If you know someone who is a bit of a theatre junkie, who can’t get by without seeing the latest hit tour coming into town, then save them some money by treating them to some Theatre Tokens.

Theatre Tokens are useable at over 260 venues all over the country, so you can not only use them on West End shows but also in your local theatres. They can be used to see musicals, plays, dance, opera and more. Plus they can now be used for online booking – literally perfect!

The best part is that theatre tokens never expire! So if your friend can’t decide what show to spend their precious theatre tokens on, they can just wait for the perfect show to come along.

theatre tokens for theatre lovers

For The One Who Loves A Good Novelty

Etsy is full of such awesome stuff. To be honest, if you type in ‘theatre’ you will automatically get so many great gift ideas! So here are some things that I have found on Etsy that would make awesome Christmas gifts…

We all know a person who needs this mug… it is me.
Find the shop here.
A jokey gift for someone you want to tease about their theatre nerd status.
Find the shop here.
Can anyone say ‘Secret Santa’? Cheap and cute – the ideal combination!
Find the shop here.
I LOVE this idea! If you know a show that your friend would love to see, why not buy them tickets to see it and get this scratch off surprise card to reveal what they are going to see?
Find the shop here.

And Last But Not Least, For The Professional Performer…

This Christmas, for your friends who are pursuing performing in the theatre professionally, some gifts that they would really love include paying for their headshots, paying their Spotlight membership, paying their Equity membership, paying their Mandy membership, paying for a new voice reel, paying for a new showreel, paying the rent on their box room in a 5-bedroom shared house in the buttcrack of London, pay for a few dance classes at Pineapple Studios, buy them a new audition outfit, topping up their Oyster card, buying them some food for their fridge, buy them a therapy session, buy them a train ticket home for Christmas, buying them a year’s subscription to The Stage, or you could even buy them a ticket to see that show that they almost got the part in but didn’t.

Or you could just get them a tin of Quality Street. The choice is yours.

Happy Christmas shopping! I hope this Christmas gift guide has given you some inspiration for what to get your theatre loving friends!

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