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Buffy Slays 20

Today, it is 20 years since the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired on TV.

In case you didn’t already know, the series chronicles a teenage Californian girl, Buffy Summers, as she grows into a young adult, juggling her personal life, and growing pains, with her sacred duty to save the world from evil. It sounds generic, but that’s because there is sooooo much that happens in the series that I could not give you even a half-decent real synopsis.

Even though the series only lasted for seven seasons, the legend of Buffy has lived on much longer in people’s hearts, and university dissertations.

The series is iconic for many reasons, but the real thing that has made it so iconic is the fact that it is a TV series that has a predominately female cast! Bravo Joss Whedon! It seems pretty fitting that the 20th anniversary should come only a couple of days after International Women’s Day…

Buffy, from one girl to another, thank you for teaching me the following things about life, through following your own journey…


Each love teaches you something different

Love sucks. We all know that! And Buffy Summers had her fair share of heartbreak, despite being beautiful, funny and strong.

Her first love, Angel, taught her that love can be all-consuming, but when you know it is no longer healthy to be in that relationship, you should walk away. And maybe stab them in the chest with a sword to seal the deal…


Riley taught her how to have a mature relationship, but also that just because you think you love someone and they’re reliable, it doesn’t mean you should settle. It’s not fair on either of you. So you should probably let them leave the country in a helicopter, to avoid the awkward breakup talk…

Spike taught Buffy that even if somebody loves you, and is REALLY HOT, you shouldn’t use them for your own pleasure if you’re not going to return that love. It just ends up messy for all involved.


Your friends are your extended family

They say that your friends are the family that you get to choose, and it is true. Especially so, in the town of Sunnydale.

Friends come and go (usually because they die, in Buffy’s case…), but the core group of friends you keep through all of each other’s hardships, and still love each other endlessly, are equal in importance to your family. They will be there when your family can’t be.


Family is worth protecting with your life. Every time.

I’m pretty sure we all know that feeling; the feeling that you would give your life before letting anyone hurt your family members. And Buffy Summers knew this better than anyone!

She risked her life for strangers, but whenever her family were at risk, or in danger, Buffy would drop everything to be there to save them. Even if it meant giving her own life instead. Which she did for her sister.

I can never get through the final scene of ‘The Gift‘ without weeping like a baby.


Even in bad situations, there’s always room for humour!

Pretty much every character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer has their humorous moments – never has there ever been a quippier show!

Even when the world is ending, someone always manages to lighten the mood, and it sure helps make everything feel that little bit better.

Laughter is the best medicine, so go ahead and make a joke when you are next stuck in an awkward situation. But if the world is ending, maybe just run instead…


Even if you feel bad about something, you don’t have to do anything to please other people.

Don’t be a martyr.

If the weird guy at school asks you to Prom and you don’t want to go with him, then don’t.

You don’t have to go just to make him feel better, if you’re going to have an awkward time. You do you!

“What am I, Saint Buffy?”

giphy (3)

Buffy taught me how to be strong AND human.
Xander taught me how to love the goofy guy.
Willow taught me that you can be sweet and a badass.
Giles taught me that knowledge is power.
Anya taught me to wear my heart on my sleeve.
Cordelia taught me to own your own fabulous.
Dawn taught me that even annoying-as-hell teenagers can be redeemed with maturity.

giphy (4)

Joss Whedon taught me that girls can lead a TV show and it can be funny, powerful, interesting, emotional, badass and real!

Even if monsters keep gate-crashing the local nightclub all the time…

If you loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and took some other life lessons from it, I’d love to hear them in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚




  • Charlotte

    *squeals* I absolutely LOVE Buffy! I think it was (and still is) a fantastic show. She really taught me how to be strong, and that you can get emotional, scared etc and still be a strong person. Gah I just love the show so much! ๐Ÿ˜‚ loved loved loved this post!xx

  • Elisha

    Glad you liked it Charlotte! Buffy is AWESOME!!

  • Oh wow is it really that old!? I remember always watching it as a kid and being scared for some but thinking at it now it wasn’t was it? Hahaha loved Buffy, she was so someone I wanted to be tbh!

    Jessica |

  • Elisha

    Yep, over 20 years since Buffy first aired now! Buffy was, and still is, my role model too. She is inspiring!

  • This blog is so good. I will visit the blog every day. Love it. And thank you.

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