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Whilst chatting with a colleague yesterday I came to feel like I was a Wiseman with all this secret knowledge to bestow…

He, a music student, expressed how much he would like to go see numerous West End shows but, like every student, struggles to afford it. I then went on to bestow him with my ‘not-so-secret’ knowledge and was surprised that he hadn’t already heard it already.

This then got me thinking and, in so doing, has led to a blog. A blog listing well known ways to get cheap tickets to some of the most popular West End shows running currently.

It is likely you may already know all of these, but as I learnt yesterday, there will still be many people in the dark, so I hope this can help at least somebody to see a West End show they didn’t think they’d be able to afford otherwise…



If you are a hardcore Musical Theatre fan and willing to be outside the theatre with a Starbucks at 7am, then you can make a steal with £5 tickets for 16-25 years olds. The theatre keeps aside 16 tickets each day for that evening’s performance and the first 16 people can buy £5 tickets, with proof of age.

It is a struggle getting up so early but the show is incredible; it is well worth the wait! I felt like I was robbing them for paying so little to see such a fantastic show.



If there is anything you have to see at the moment it is the Book of Mormon! Ticket sales were insane from the moment it came out, with people having to book months in advance for a performance. It is so popular that ticket prices are still expensive, but every day, 2 and a half hours before each performance, you can enter the lottery at the theatre to win £20 tickets. It is very popular so you are lucky to win but it is so exciting you should do it for the thrill anyway.

Foto: Roy Beusker


Miss Saigon has recently re-opened and been welcomed back with warm reviews. For cheap tickets to see this magnificent show (and THAT helicopter scene!) you can get day tickets for £20 at the box office. Distribution is limited to 2 tickets per person and are subject to availability so get there at 10am to avoid disappointment.



Continuing with the day-seats-at-the-Box-Office theme, ‘Wicked’ sells the front row of the stalls every day for £20 each on a first come, first served basis. It’s a maximum of 2 tickets per person; perfect for you and your friend to be close enough to stroke Fiyero.



If you’re aged 16-25, by signing up to Entry Pass (for free, I might add) you can get £5 tickets to all productions at the National Theatre, plus access to a number of workshops and more.  Now you have no excuse to not be keeping yourself theatrically cultured.

To sign up follow this link:


There will be many other theatres and shows that do day tickets too; these are just the main ones that I know do great deals.

Before you buy tickets, browse different places. Compare online, go to the theatre box office and check out the stalls in Leicester Square. The more you look around, the more likely you will find the best deal. Plus, the official theatres can do good deals too if you ask. ‘Les Miserables’ do £10 tickets up in the Gods (they’re obstructed view but they wont be that bad that you can’t see the show).

If you know any other great deals like the ones I’ve listed then please do let me know; I like a good cheap ticket as much as the next person…



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