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Boozy Brunch At If Coffee Bar | Leeds

Some people have all the luck when it comes to love, some people have it when it comes to career opportunities, and some (like me) have the luck when it comes to Facebook competitions.

I think I have now won 4 Facebook competitions in my life – you know, the ones where you like and share the post and tag a mate. Well, I’ve now racked up two free nights in VIP sections of clubs with free drinks for me and my friends, a sparkly prosecco glass, and now a free boozy brunch. (Please may my luck never change!)

I’d been wanting to try out If Coffee Bar for a while now. However, with it being a bit too far from my work for a pre-work coffee stop, I haven’t had the opportunity. But, alas, a free boozy brunch will certainly get me off my butt and to a place!

I booked myself and my sister in when we got back from our holiday a month and a half ago, so we’ve been waiting quite a while to be able to take up the offer. (We’re just such busy people…)But we had no idea that Harry and Meghan had copied us with the date for their wedding.

Unable to miss out on copping a look of Meghan’s dress, and watching the Prince-we-wouldn’t-have-actually minded-marrying get away, we streamed it. Phone propped up (on silent obviously), we were able to watch and comment on the Royal Wedding with glasses of prosecco in hand.

If Coffee Bar

Excuse my cracked phone screen…

With the boozy brunch at If Coffee Bar, it is usually £25 per person. This includes your breakfast dish and a limitless amount of a drink of your choice – prosecco, cider or beer. But I mean, why would you go for boozy brunch and not have prosecco?

The prosecco was divine and went down a treat. I’m a girl who loves her drinks dry and this prosecco was so crisp that I threw it back. My hungover sister, however, struggled a bit more, so the waitress brought her some orange juice to mix with. After all, mimosas are the perfect hair of the dog!

If Coffee Bar

The great thing about If Coffee Bar‘s food menu is that there are plenty of vegetarian options. Thank goodness, because it meant I didn’t have to make an awkward order to make a dish interesting. I also didn’t have to compromise on taste.

If Coffee Bar

I ordered the Eggs Florentine with a side of mushrooms, which were the perfect addition to the dish. My sister had the Eggs Benedict with a couple of hash browns thrown in for good measure (because ya know, she was hangin’).

If Coffee Bar

The food was lovely and the flavours were perfect. Without the mushrooms, I imagine the dish might have been a bit less filling, but it was perfect when added.

Aside from the delicious food and the tranquil surroundings, our waitress was really personable and kept topping us up even when we hadn’t finished our glasses. This is the sign of a GOOD boozy brunch! There is no point to a boozy brunch where you get topped up once you’ve finished a drink – there’s no fun in that and you’re wasting precious time.

If Coffee Bar

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper boozy brunch and now I have the bug again. So if anybody needs a buddy for boozy brunch at all, I’m your gal!

Thank you If Coffee Bar for a fabulous brunch that was perfectly timed to celebrate the Royal Wedding in style. We were suitably merry and full by the time we left, and were ‘buzzing’ so much that we didn’t want to go home. That prosecco kicked off a very drunken Saturday in the sun…



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