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Fun In The Sun At Birchfield Ice Cream Farm

It’s bank holiday weekend and the sun is out! *cue everybody running to the nearest beer garden*

We have a beautiful 3-day weekend of 25℃ weather and us poor pasty Brits are praising the heavens for shining down on us.

To make the most of this glorious weather, staying outside as much as possible has been mandatory. This has meant longer walks, meals eaten outside and plenty of drinks to celebrate. One thing that I have been saving for a nice day was heading to this little place in the hopes of a cuddly couple of hours.

Birchfield Ice Cream Farm says it all in the title. It’s a farm where you can get ice-cream. Located approximately 20 minutes outside of Harrogate, in Summerbridge, Birchfield Farm is a family-run dairy.

It’s set in the midst of stunning Nidderdale countryside, and is made up of a cafe that sells food and ice-cream, a petting farm and acres of land and a little woodland for you to take a short stroll around. As we sat on a bench today, looking out on the rolling fields, we couldn’t help commenting on how tranquil the location was. I understand why people run away to the countryside when they’re older now…

While the ice-cream was yummy (and huge) and the scenery was beautiful, what I really went for was the animals. It is £2 to enter the petting farm which is an absolute bargain.

The farm boasts their Birchfield herd of Jersey cows, whom they use to make their ice-cream. We saw some baby calves and they were beautiful – one of them particularly liked it when I scratched under her chin.

There were tiny day-old chicks that we held in our hands. I have no pictures because our hands were pretty full holding the teeny, gorgeous fluff balls. There was an incubator of eggs hatching and we could see one beginning to make its way out of its shell. I want a baby chick of my own now…

To say they had a lot of sheep was an understatement – so many adorable lambs and cheeky little sheep. They were so sociable and kept coming up to say hello to us.

Just look how much they wanted to say ‘hello’!

We even were lucky enough to hold one of the little lambs, called Colin. He loved being held and kept cuddling up.

Birchfield Ice Cream Farm

Oh, my heart!

Not to mention there were loads of pigs, and a pen of little piglets who slept the whole time. There were three other mama pigs about ready to pop. This one especially was grunting and finding it hard to get settled, since she’s ready to have her piglets TODAY!

‘Get these freakin’ babies outta me!!’

So if you head to Birchfield Ice Cream Farm this Bank Holiday Monday you may be lucky enough to see her brand-spanking new babies.

We didn’t get a chance to feed the lambs as we had to head home beforehand, but 2pm was their feeding time today. I’d definitely recommend trying to bottle feed some of the mischievous lambs.

This little guy ran straight up to Richard for attention. Can you say, ‘the goat whisperer’?

While it may feel aimed at children, the venue is actually pretty welcoming to all ages. The women who worked with the animals were so knowledgeable and lovely and taught us a lot as we cooed over the animals. The food at the cafe looked so good, and if you’re just passing by and fancy sitting with an ice-cream in a beautiful setting then it’s a perfect spot.

You won’t need much more than 2 hours if you see the animals and eat, so it’s a perfect activity to do in the middle of your day.

The best thing about spring isn’t just the weather getting nicer; it’s also the joy of new life being brought into the world.



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